Roland Deschaine


Steven King’s the Dark Tower series. Only SK I can stomach reading.

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    Best. Series. Ever.

    Number IV was the best. Very interesting reading.

    I love the post apocalyptic distant future stuff.


    I’m like that, I can’t read any other of his stuff either, except for the one he wrote for his daughter. The Eyes of the Dragon is a pretty neat read, just enough of his dark humor to make it a SK novel, but light enough for those of us who can’t do the harsher stuff.


    I like the series, curently at the 4. book. Love how fucked up sex-scenes can Steve think out.


    i thought it was kinda like all of sk’s other stuff, was great in the beginning and then he just didnt know how to finish it, but the first 4 books are amazing


    I agree Sansbutt. I loved the series, but was more than disappointed with the way he ended it.


    I’m on the last book. The series is just amazing, but I would have to the say #2, #3, and #4 are the best. Still, this series kicks ass.