Kit Kat: Japan Edition


Because Chocolate flavor is just fucking weird!


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    Only in Japan can you find a green tea flavored kitkat.

    Gotta love the Japanese.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That actually looks really good. Green tea ice cream is tasty, I’m sure the candy bar would be good.


    I’d really like to try that, and wash it down with a Pepsi Ice Cucumber.


    I’ve had it, it’s really good. A lot less sweet too.


    Good huh? I think I’m gonna hafta find me some…


    You can get Green Tea Lattes at Starbucks now.

    Also, fuck you now I really want a kit kat.


    Ew dont get the green tea lattes. They are disgusting. If you want something milky and green tea-y, get a green tea misto.

    The green tea lattes don’t use real green tea, its this green tea powder and they put melon syrup in it.


    I went to Japan this past summer and when we were in the convenience stores we saw this kinda stuff all the time. I have now tried Banana, Kiwi, Melon, and strawberry Kit-Kats.

    I think I have a pics… Yes I do!

    Banana was the best, I actually enjoyed it. The others weren’t bad, but they were just to strange.


    Suddenly I had a flashback the time when my diet included one Kit-Kat a day.

    Anyway you can probably find this in some Asian supermarkets near you. Doesn’t have to be Japanese (or go to Japan) supermarkets, Chinese ones usually carry some of their goods as well. If your city doesn’t have one, i pity you.


    hey, it’s still better than the “hungarian flavored” snacks. Or the paprika flavored chips.


    Hungary has a flavor? LOL


    Yeah. And it tastes like sheit.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    We have curry flavoured chips here now. Or we did at least. I don’t think they sold well. Nor did the wasabi flavoured ones.
    I like Japan. I like Japanese culture. Unfortunately instead of progressive cultures like that swarming the planet under the guise of a multicultural agenda (keyword agenda) we get India and China.
    The world = lose.


    Dammit, all the cool stuff is always in Japan. America is so fucking BLAND. I feel deprived of interesting life-experience here.

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