PETA Billboard 3

Taken by me in Edmonton on the Yellowhead Trail

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    Milk makes you impotent?

    I’m switching to cows blood instead.


    I remember that sign. Pissed me off then, pisses me off even more now. Damn hippies. Our species didn’t spend millennia clawing it’s way to the top of the food chain so we could eat fucking sprouts and tofu!


    The estrogens in soy can decrease libido, effect fertility, and lower testosterone levels. What a ridiculous sign.


    We are missing another serious point: Tofu tastes like shit.

    Animals, on the other hand, are yummy.

    Oh, and a big Amen to you, garbledxmission. GO HUMANS!


    Typical PETA, spreading lies and disinformation as fast as they can. As long as they can promote their narrow minded agenda, they could care less about the damage they cause.
    Thanks Kerry.


    And soy makes you gay. Or Lesbian.


    I’m wondering who Santa normally bones?

    Oh gawd. Do not want.


    Mrs Claus of course. And the occasional elf when she’s not in the mood. Of course there are also all those “reindeer games” too…..


    in canada, impotence comes in bags!


    uh….. Soy’s actually not too great for you… wtf. This sign is somewhat less funny. IS SANTA REALLY NOT COMING!?!?!?! =..(


    Santa’s coming all over your faces, Canada! I myself, as a Vegan, am disturbed by some of the things Peta says. I’m working my ass off to cut my soy consumption done. I haven’t looked into the health benefits/risks of rice milk, and am afraid to as I don’t know what it tastes like.


    If we’re not meant to eat animals, why are they all made out of food?
    It was a wise man who first made that observation.


    Milk can make you impotent? How? WTF? This makes no sense. My grandfather drinked a liter milk every day, ang had 14 children.


    @RSlxidor: vanilla and chocolate Rice Dream are very tasty. Carob is not. Unless of course you like carob in which case eww.