Joker makes a boy cry

I mean, seriously… this ranks with Lex Luthor stealing a bunch of cakes.

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    Lex Luthor stole FORTY cakes. That’s as many as 4 tens.

    …. And that’s terrible.


    Reminds me of that Dane Cook segment about smacking ice cream into someone’s face so they will always remember you.

    The ATZ

    Isn’t the Joker supposed to make you laugh? Of course your laughing to death but STILL. It’s out of character.

    (Superdickery FTW)


    What a fucking asshole. There’s a difference between making people cry because they are between you and 70 million dollars and making them cry because you fucking can.



    So … does this mean Batman is not actually eccentric millionaire Bruce Wayne, but instead eccentric pop singer Michael Jackson?

    Hey, at least it explains the mask…


    doesn’t make sense. like Joker doesn’t have anything better to do, and why would he spy on an ordinary kid like that.
    he’s just passing by and doing some random crime? fat chance.


    Maybe The Joker just got out of Arkham? Step one in rebuilding his empire, this little punk.


    Wow, Joker really got low since he got shot in the face. At least he didn’t gived the boy a boner.