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    no offence, but i’m really sick of all the crap images on this site…used to be really good, but then it got flooded with crappy images like..bono, and just random crappy things, but some of the good stuff back up man..


    I have to agree with clooasauras


    I also agree. This site used to have funny stuff and awesome stuff. Now it’s nothing but shite interspersed with about 10% funnies – and the good stuff gets rejected all the time.


    alright, what the hell dude. Bono?



    Are you guys on crack? That’s The Bono.

    The Bono-man, the Bono-nator, the Bono-saurus, Bon-zilla…

    The Irish worship him like Jeebus, the Dolly Lama, or any of those other fictitious religious asswads.

    The Lord himself said worship no other God than me – except Bono.

    To question Bono on MCS is to invite doom, disaster, and the receiving of unwanted anal sex into you life.

    That said – there has been a lack of funny pics and nude women as of late… Perhaps someone should submit something funny… I would, but my life is pathetic and not so funny.

    The Lawnmower

    … Bono is a faggot.


    Bono is a twat.


    I hate bono.
    and peas.


    Take off your fucking sundglasses already…. YOU’RE INDOORS, it can’t be THAT bright!!!


    And this year’s winner of Biggest Douche in the Universe Award is……


    He wants his biddy. YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sneaky Snake



    Is Tiki God just going through his browser cache and posting every single jpeg that he finds?

    tiki god

    I agree, this place sucks. Gawd, someone tell the admin to get back on track!

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    No Way! This site is better than ever! I hope tiki god posts some pictures of The Edge!




    the 3 ops:

    I’ve been here longer than any of you, from what I remember. Actually, I don’t know because I’ve never heard of two of you.

    This site is exactly the same as it was when I first started looking at it, except with fuckloads more casemods spam: Actually, the waves of spam casemods has clogged this site with is the only sort of decline I’ve noticed.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    ^^^ agreed

    Luke Magnifico

    Capital input, my good man.


    omg, everyone hate on bono, wooh…seriously, I have yet to meet anyone in person that has legitimate reasons for hating him so much. Seems almost kind of trendy to hate him.


    I don’t hate him, I just don’t think he’s all that special. I’m glad he’s a charitable human but for fuck’s sake, take off those glasses.


    I have no problem with the charitable work he does. What I have a problem with is the way he carries himself as the next coming of Christ whilst looking down upon all of us mortals in a condescending/holier than thou manner. He preaches to all of us to live the way he tells us, then goes off to his power wasting mansions, his lifestyle of excess and his tax evading business ventures. It’s the classic “do as I say” or NIMBY attitude that infests most of the celebrities/talking heads these days.

    In other words: classic douchebaggery


    Good point!

    FUCK BONO! I hate that fucker!!


    As for the site, I’ve gone through the archives and as far as I can tell, Tiki is still doing what he’s been doing the entire time: posting interesting pics from all genres and providing a forum in which to discuss them. If you don’t see pics of a certain type, maybe you should stop bitching and submit some.


    Amen, LukeV1-5.

    I am a relative newbie here (6 months or so) and find the site funny and interesting.
    My first order of business upon finding the site was go all the way through the archives.

    I see no reason to complain about what tiki or any of the other folks post because it is FREE for me.

    I say if you don’t like this site, shut up and start your own if you think it’s so damn easy to have funny and interesting content day in and day out.

    *Kerry gets off soap-box, hands tiki a shot of Jack for his efforts*


    since when can you have anything that you want? And it’s not a sunglasses, it’s a cool looking glasses


    I don’t give a flying fuck if they’re cool…..he’s INSIDE…Take those shits off… douchebag


    Fuck you Bono.


    Like some other people said, he’s one of those celebrities that thinks they are somehow, better then everyone else because a camera is shoved in his face.


    bono rly? wtf! and all the funnies are rejected.


    But if the picture of Bono hadn’t been posted, you wouldn’t have all had that nice little cathartic rant-session, would you?

    …he is a bit of a faggot though.


    You’re fucking retarded if you feel compelled to comment on the alleged decline of MCS.

    You’re also fucking retarded if you agree with someone who feels compelled to comment on the decline of MCS.

    You’re fucking retarded if you respond to my comment.


    Dilettantes are fucking retarded.


    clooasauras: nobody likes you and you will die alone… thought you should know


    Why am I here.

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