PETA Billboard 1

Taken by me in Edmonton on the Yellowhead Trail

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    Peta. What a bunch of fucking Nazis. Don’t like steak? Fine, more meat for me.


    What are you doing to curb the cow problem?
    I’m Eating the cows, but I’m only one man


    Count me in. I’m a steak and potatoes kinda guy too. I just love steak. I’m sure we can make a dent in the cow population if we try really, really hard.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m assuming that’s Edmonton Alberta?

    Alberta being total cow ranch and oil country.

    Way to pick your battles PETA. Northern Alberta has more oil than Saudi Arabia and Texas combined ten fold. And they’re big old meat eating farm kids.

    They might as well pick on hockey and trucks while they’re at it…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    PS: Referencing mad cow disease is pretty fucking low.


    Actually, in Alberta there are more Caribou than cattle. According to my uncle’s friend anyway, who says that he has eaten Caribou.


    The plants! Oh, the poor plants!
    How can you, phyreblade? Don’t you know potatoes have feelings, too!?


    I live in E-town. PETA had a billboard up saying “Santa isn’t coming this year” inferring that eating meat makes you impotent.

    So the local radio station held a free BBQ under that billboard and the turn out was incredible

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca



    He’s wrong. Alberta is cow country. Best beef in the world comes from there.


    PETA really starting to loose it. Yeah i don’t like animal cruelty too, still I don’t tell people to stop eating delicious creatures.



    Hey, I can’t help it. As Hepathos pointed out, they are delicious plants and animals. And as a wise man whose name I cannot remember once said, “If God had not intended us to eat them, He would not have made them so delicious…”



    does anyone remember the guy who registered as people for the eating of tasty animals?
    or the massive lawsuits that followed


    DOH, Javboy got in before I could… Was gonna mention that alternative ‘translation’ of Peta…

    I too am a steak and starch type… Vegetables are what food eats!


    I’m against cruelty to animals: I say free range, moderation, and kill them nice and quickly.

    Trees are living things too, and no one cries when you kill them or eat their seeds. Blessed are those who have a voice.


    Fuck I meant to say “plants are living things”. I just fucked up that whole post. But what I was trying to say is: You kill a soy plant, it might not have a nervous system and register that pain, but you’re still killing it. And there is such a thing as humane ranching. Telling others to not eat meat at all is too extreme, especially if you’re taking a bland ‘meat is murder’ approach.

    Sneaky Snake

    That chicken has a gun, eat it quick!


    How come the peta people dont defend the non-cute animals. Like the monitor lizard or komodo dragon or Syphilis. Dont they have feelings too? On a side-note I work and interact with Hindus on a daily basis and considering that they have never expressed disgust at my beef eating habits I have to wonder about Peta. I mean I am eating there sacred animal and they care less then those self-righteous pricks do.


    Forget cruelty to animals, that chicken is abusing his second amendment rights…

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