Red Alert Game Reenacted w/Tesla Coils

I never played this game but thought it looked cool (anything with tesla coils = awesome).

Anyways, since we’re on this “give credit where credit’s due” kick, here’s a link to the source:

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    Red Alert 2 was the best game in the CnC series. And know what? It still is.


    Tesla troopers were the shit. And those funky spider robots.


    Oh yes the spiders. The equivalent of giving a tank aids or cancer. or both.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Thanks for including the link, tiki. Reading about how they set up the picture is even more interesting than the picture itself.

    tiki god

    don’t blame me, that’s all the_duck’s fault.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    oh, right, should have paid more attention. Thanks the_duck!


    thankfully much work had already been done on RA2 by the time EA took over, and liquidated westwood.


    good ol tesla troopers 🙂
    “rubber boots in motion” ahaha


    SWEET!! Tesla Coils!! Good Job Duck!

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