Four Robins


Cue uncomfortable silence…

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    … more like, cue the asswhuppin’ and “I’m the GOD DAMN BATMAN!”


    Well, I haven’t read too many of the comics, but, I think the first, Dick Grayson, lived to become Nightwing, and as far as I know, Tim Drake is still alive, so, technically, only two have died (again, to the best of my knowledge). So really, that’s not so bad.


    Oh yeah, toss in the fact that they don’t have ANY SUPERPOWERS!


    hehe, 50% death rate is ‘not so bad’??? I sure wouldn’t want my doctor to have that same performance standard… lolz

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    last time I checked, the death rate for everyone was 100%.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Just because any are alive doesn’t mean he didn’t go through them. They’re not ‘Robins’ anymore.


    Oh no he didn’t!!!

    Considering that neither Batman nor Robin had superpowers, and were often battling villains who did, even a 50% survival rate is pretty darn good odds.

    Wow… I suppose it never occurred to him that maybe THAT was why he was getting the lecture…

    Talk about being a jerk…


    I just take heart that DC is still acknowledging that Stephanie Brown was a Robin, however briefly.


    Sauce? Really, I wanna read the lead up to this, and the fallout.