Enterprise D



The best of them all !

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    I second that! I never understood why people thought the saucer part of these ships looked stuipd. I always thought it was a neat design.


    Id hit it with an inverse tachyon phaser beam!


    I’d hit it…

    With a full spread of photon torpedoes. Maybe…

    Truth be told, The Enterprise D didn’t look half bad. But I always thought the Klingon Birds of Prey were the coolest looking ships of the series.

    Until ST:Nemesis. Then the Romulan Scimitar/Valdore classes showed up and totally pwned. I think those were the coolest looking ships in the entire Star Trek universe…

    Which is sad, cause I really never liked the Romulan ships…

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The original Romulan Warbird was PIMP. It had an actual painting of a bird on the hull. It was the classic ’60s muscle car of starships.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    BTW, tiki, what happened to comment preview?

    tiki god

    The comment preview is working fine for me, anyone else having trubbles?

    tiki god

    I remember drooling all over the original tech manual, it had all these cool layouts and schematics of the various TOS ships. I still have the book around somewhere too…


    Nope, comment previews working fine for me…

    LOL Star Trek tech manuals… I always thought it was amazing how people could come up with detailed schematics for fictional technology and vehicles. Even study guides for fictional languages. Amazing..

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    My comment problems might be something with the new firefox version. I just checked from my other box and preview is fine. Nevermind my technical glitches.


    I will confess to having the TNG technical manual AND the full blueprints for the D. I agree, though, that the Klingon ships were always awesome. I especially liked how the bird of prey actually had wings that MOVED.


    LOL Yeah, moving wings on a space ship are just teh pwn. It’s even cooler when it’s a battle ship that’s called a “Bird of Prey”. Why do the bad guys always have the cool stuff?