Stupid Rabbit Suit




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    Frank. It’s Frank.


    Donnie Darko is the best film ever.

    Anyone who’s opinion differs from this either hasn’t seen it, or is wrong.


    It was good until Noah Wyle started to explain a wormhole.. then I didn’t take it so seriously..


    That’s SCARY SHIT!!! Donnie Darko was GOOOOOD!!


    Why are you wearing that stupid human suit?


    god i memeber the first time i saw this movie, i came i saw, and i came again.


    I’ve heard what Kevin Smith says about this movie is absolutely hilarious, but have not had the pleasure. The movie is awesome, though.


    It’s GOOD.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Donnie Darko is pretty good. The directors cut is awful though. Terrible.

    Colin wouldn’t you have been like 9 years old when this came out?

    Kevin Smith is a fat talentless loser with a severe BO problem. His wife cheats on him btw.


    haha, fat boy gets cuckolded by his trophy wife.

    The director’s cut does suck. Buy/rent the original and watch that.

    Colin was a gleam in his daddy’s eye when this came out.


    Have you ever been close enough to him to smell him?

    How do you know his wife cheats on him??


    Magnus must be the one shtupping her. Or Kevin. Either way he’d be the one to know.


    Kevin is not talentless, only people are stupid to understand the pure humour. And the gay jokes.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No he is very much talentless. He’s proven he is nothing more than a comic book nerd who got lucky cause his drug addict friend was amusing for a moment. I know she’s cheating because everyone knows she is. It’s hard to know when she’s dumb as a basket of butter baked baby…baginas. I got lost on the way to the end of that one. Anyway…someone walked in on her with a dick in her that wasn’t his and he told two friends and so on. PS: Richard Kelly’s next movie looks like the new height of pretentiousness and stupidity… Read more »


    butter baked baby baginas…..HILARIOUS!

    Oh damn i think i just soiled myself a lil bit…


    No, he is not talentless, he just makes movies on a friendly scale. Just for himself. He’s not making blockbusters, just some good clean shit, witch I enjoy more then these day’s Hollywood’s steaming pile of phail.


    the sooner hollywood falls into the ocean, the better.