Ronald Reagen


Greatest President Ever?

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    t-rex jesus

    NO. FAIL.


    Howie Feltersnatch

    No. Possibly the worst. A senile asshat who decided that being advised by an astrologer was a good idea. As a result he continued prolonging the Cold War far longer than necessary, pointlessly referring to the Soviet Union as “the Evil Empire” even after it was clear that communism was crumbling away. His “tear down these walls” speech, often lauded by Conservatives, at the time was just pathetic: the walls were already falling and everyone could see the end of communism. Reagan looked like a Johnny-come-lately who still hadn’t realized what everyone else had.

    In his last years as President, it was obvious he was struggling with dementia. I went to a speech he gave at a Presidential Library. During the speech he got his papers shuffled around, and ended up giving part of it twice without noticing. He literally stopped in the middle of a sentence and picked up with a different one, but was too far gone to notice.

    Of course, those of us who remembered him as a governor in California knew what a putz he’d be as President. This was the guy who, in regards to the fact that California had no tax witholding (you ponied up at the end of the year the full amount) said famously, “Taxes should hurt.” Guess who wasn’t paying any state tax, though, because of a funky loophole that only rich people could use. Go on guess. That’s right, Ronnie. What a fucker. I hope he suffered greatly in his last years.


    Howie: tl;dr.


    I’m going to go with sarcasm.


    Second greatest, if greatness is a measure of how close a President took us to nuclear annihilation. (See Able Archer 83.)




    lol ohmybob. Me too.

    Sneaky Snake

    At least Reagan could walk…


    Then who’s VICE-President? Jerry Lewis? I suppose Jane Wyman is the First Lady! And Jack Benny, the Secretary of the Treasury.


    tiki, you misspelled worst.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Great Scott! schulzbrianr, that was funny




    Reagan claimed that he only delegated responsibility, and let his talented appointees do all the work. He said this on multiple occasions and with a good deal of pride.

    So what the fuck did he actually do, that he could proudly admit that he didn’t know what was going on in the very White House? Nothing. He was there to look charming and make Danny Tannerish speeches about being yourself and not doing drugs, while the administration was being run by people who stayed under the public’s radar and couldn’t win a presidential election if they tried. No one has made US democracy more cloudy and obscure for the general public than Reagan.

    Now, the best president? Eisenhower, hands down.


    LOL yoodle – I remember what that’s from…




    Eisenhower is another good choice that no one ever considers. Of course, today he could never be elected, just look at all those poor American boys he murdered on D-day….

    or so the paper would read.


    No, goddammit, NO.

    Two words:

    Grover fucking Cleveland.


    Who can forget “Reagenomics”? Give a pile of tax breaks to the rich, then when they accumulate obscene amounts of wealth, the money would “trickle down” to the poor, making everyone better off in the end.

    What a load of crap.


    “We have never interfered in the internal government of a country and have no intention of doing so, never have had any thought of that kind.” ~ Ronald Reagan, 1982


    Reagenomics. Need I say more?


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