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    I TOTALLY need one of these…!!!! Ya know. Safety First!


    Mustangs suck. They aren’t even that fast, unless they are the Shelby Mustangs. If so, then thats a whole different car.

    tiki god

    I agree with OmfgWtfZergd I owned a mustang, and it sucked. Now I own a nice F-150 super crew, and it’s the shit 🙂


    Mustangs are not fast? Get a 5.0 liter v8 with high output and dual exhaust and tell me it’s not fast…well, I think the owner before us got headers…it’s really fast though…need to take it to the track and get a time estimate.


    option 1: yea get a 5.0 liter v8with high output and dual exhaust and tell me you didnt spend 15,000 on the car and 10,000 on the mods, or more.
    option 2: get a corvette for 18,000-20,000 dollars spend 240 dollars on a kn airfilter and a governer reprogramming and you have 200mph on a stock corvette any year from 1997 to 2004.
    there you has it. any vette 2002 and up is going to cost you a hefty amount of money, around 24,000-30,000, stick w/ a 97 for like 14,000-17,000.
    you have yourself a racecar gentleman.


    1. I paid $1,600 for my 88 gt mustang…put some money into fixing the brakes and spark plugs.


    Hate to tell you this casemods, but your car isn’t fast, Actually a bit behind my truck. 05 silverado


    What time did you get at the 1/4 mile? eh? 0-60?


    never took it to the track, but I have raced a hand full, both manual and auto, beat them all (given the drivers of the stangs SUCK, couldnt launch or launched way too late, But they were not pulling on me top end)373 gears pull like a mofo up top.. All though if you look at stock times on the 2 vehicles there real close, it all comes down to driver.

    But who cares about stock times?! google parish silverado, this fool has dumped more money into his silvy than you can shake a stick at. I love it


    A new vette costs waaay more than a new stang. No suprise that it is also much faster. The same is true for a used Vette. However if we apply the difference in price towards modding the stang, it is possible to make it faster than the Vette, while remaining in same price range.

    That is the attraction of the Mustang. It’s not the most elegant machine, but you can make lots of cheap power with one. There are several folks I know in my mustang club that have done this, and have cars that will blow the doors off any Vette in the same price range.


    Oh, btw, my mustang is stock…can you say that for your silverado? not to mention it’s 20 years old with all original parts


    im sorry casemods, were comparing oranges to bananas , You have a performance car made to go fast, I have a truck, made for hauling/towing. I had a 88 Chevy Scottsdale, with flanged bed, with the chevy 5.0 305, with all matching numbers. Sold it with 260,000+ miles still roasting tires, I had a friend with a 88 f-150 with the ford 5.0 302, and I would show him my tailgate with ease.

    And yes, my silverado is stock, besides a magnaflow muffler and a CAI (these are NOT performance mods)

    But to say your car is fast… On the road its faster than a lot, but in the world of speed, it is not


    Actually a cai and mufflers are performance mods. Not the most effective, but they are intended to improve the performance of the vehicle by introducing colder, denser air into the intake, and reducing exhaust restrictions, both of which allows you to make just a little more power.

    Though usually most people do mufflers just because they sound cool…

    And in the world of speed, there is always someone faster than you…


    CAI/muffler adds jack squat to the ass-o-meter, but helps in mileage. couple hundred for muffler/CAI, When I save some money I’m going to put a steeper cam / timing belts, new intake/exhaust manifolds/headers, a mild 50hp shot of n2o, 2 4” piping from the air dam to the intake box, and a wait4me or nelson tune. ~$1500 and lots of improvements in the Ass-o-meter. all mild work to keep stock internal lifters/rockers, wont grenade tranny, maybe a 12 bolt 4:10 rear end from a junkyard. Then ill save up for new braking system and new tread 🙂


    Yeah, by themselves they aren’t particularly potent, especially on a truck, however mods like those tend to multiply the gains you will get out of any other mods, especially with a new intake, exhaust and tune. And that shot of nitrous isn’t exactly gonna hurt either…

    LOL Sounds like you’ll have a fun little truck to play with when you’re done… 😉


    Yeah, I might have to rent a car to get me to work cause doing all this myself might take me a week. Then again I might be really motivated and crank it out in a weekend.

    Weight is not on my side, Crewcab with ~couple hundred pounds of audio, then I weight 200lbs, gonna need lots more get up and go. I know people that take off their 20lbs bumper at the track…



    I’d suggest renting the car. I think it would be well nigh impossible to do all of that in a weekend. Heck, sometimes it takes a whole day just to get the gears properly shimmed…

    And I’ve seen some serious track day extremism. You’ve got some people who take out all of their seats, remove bumpers and hood, even siphon out all their fuel and leave only what they will need to run the track. Then they ice down the engine and intake to ensure they get the coldest air charge possible.

    For cryin’ out loud, honestly, if you have to go through all that, just to be competitive, the car just isn’t fast enough LOL…


    I want to fix the mustang up and sell it with these gas prices…


    then you def need to get these mirrors for it then


    God fucking damnit this thread is about tits.

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