UFO Attack


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    I’m gonna sing the Doom song now!


    So here’s my question. If you saw this happening, would you just stand there like these folks, or would you be hightailing it out of town?


    I think I’d stand and watch for a bit.. Then join some underground movement and eventually fight beside a guy with an MIT degree and a crowbar only to die when he commands me to walk out into the street to distract a strider while he tries to run for it.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I’d get my towel hitch a ride with the aliens.


    This is why, when an alien species take over the planet, you NEVER follow the guy with the MIT degree. He’ll figure out how to get out alive. You’ll just die. You’ll have better luck on your own. Just ask Father Grigori…


    No We will Take Refuge with Survivorman and live our days in the wild!

    Martin Bland

    This is one of my images entitled ‘Bear Witness’, glad you like it.