The Batcave


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    I’m not one to follow up on all the comics of a single superhero, but the only time I saw a robotic T-Rex in anything Batman was when she fought Calendar Girl.

    So uhm, anyone care to elaborate?

    And how the hell is the Batman Forever batmoble there but not the one from Batman & Batman Returns?


    I can’t really elaborate much, but it’s some sort of trophy. Don’t ask me why, but there’s been a T-Rex and a giant penny in the Batcave since at least the 60s, if I’m not mistaken…


    OK I see the T-Rex, but where is the giant penny? FAil! (I mean the pic, not you, Anonymouse. You are delicious.)


    Wow. I will readily admit that I am not up on the Batman comic epic, but it seems like there is centuries worth of Batmantastic stuff in this cave…

    I see Roman, Mongolian, Medieval European and Japanese armors. Flying contraptions from the renaissance to what I can only assume is space worthy technologies, and the same for the cars…

    I guess I’m really behind the times…


    Only flying contraptions I see are the Bat-Wing (which is that big ass jet), two helicopters and what I assume is called the Bat-Glider.

    The big ass vehicle on the left I assume is for ice. The warrior gear I could link it to Bruce’s special collection as seen on the 1989 Batman movie.


    OK recount.

    I see two jets, two copters, and one glider.
    I also see six cars, two tanks and a four wheeled multi armed robotic thingy. And the Robotic T-Rex.

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