Deep Space Nine Station Diagram and History


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    This was probably my favorite Star Trek series. Then Voyager, then I don’t really rate them. NG was cool, and the original has its appeal. I head Enterprise was good, but I didn’t really watch it. The novelty of Star Trek is gone to me now. I do want to see Sylar as Spock, however.


    Such a good show, especially during the war.


    This device allows your balls to be sucked back up into your body cavity.


    LOL I think you are confusing this with a Shaolin monk technique.

    THIS is a space station. Specifically DS9 (Deep Space Nine). ST:DS9 was one of the more Soap Opera like spin-offs of the Star Trek franchise…

    Looking at the floor plan, kinda makes you wonder why they didn’t utilize all that dead space in the middle better…


    I hated this show. Everything was bad with it. I love Voyager, and I can enjoy a nice episode of TNG.

    tiki god

    It was originally a mining station, so they would process all the stuff in the middle, and move it out to the outer rings to load up onto ships. That’s my theory at least

    Alec Dalek

    Total rip-off of Babylon 5!


    I’ll admit it was kinda slow. This is also my least favorite of the bunch. But it wasn’t all bad, there were quite a few cool episodes, And don’t forget that they had the Defiant they were also the front line for the Dominion war, so it actually was on par with the ST:TNG for quite a few episodes.

    I guess that’s possible. And given that it wasn’t really intended to be long term storage for anything, I suppose floor space would not have been much of a priority.



    LOL How is this a ripoff of B5? They are absolutely nothing alike!

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