Awesome Beach



That’s one beach I wouldn’t mind hanging out at.

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    I don’t know if Id want to get dragged out to the rocks and drown, lol, but other then that it’s very unique.




    This is absolutely beautiful. Amazing. If I had all the money in the world, I’d buy it and put up a house right where the photographer is standing…


    i think i’ve been there when i went for a trip down the australian coast. there are a lot of places like this, i suspect, but it’s damn cold because it leads out to the southern ocean.


    “That’s one beach I wouldn’t mind hanging out at.”

    Are there many that you would?


    Well I personally hate beaches, all it is is a bunch of studly assholes with their chicks playing volleyball and a bunch of little bastards playing tag. Not to mention it smells like shit and there’s always some mexican kid pissing in the water.


    lol wtfburgerz, you need to try an unpopulated beach.. one with good waves that you can really hear, i find those are the best


    Yeah but it’s a good place to get some sun and see some girls in barely anything on.


    If you turned this picture around it would look like a giant uterus complete with fallopian tubes.


    Yay, I’ve been there 😀 it’s got a really interesting history regarding the first fleet of European settlers in Australia… It’s too dangerous for swimming though I think, gets deep fast.


    If by ‘really interesting history’ you’re referring to how the English claimed Terra Nullius as they considered the Aboriginal people to be merely ‘animals’, brought out their guns ands diseases and convicts and proceeded to plunder and ‘develop’ the land, kill plenty of natives, and then decide to take the ‘less black’ Aboriginal children from their mothers, tell them that their mums didn’t want them, teach them that their language and religion are evil, and train them to be servants in the hope of ‘assimilation’, etc etc etc… then yes, very interesting. It’s amazing how well Australia has managed to… Read more »


    Lolololol! No, I meant that a ship crashed there xD But, yes, it’s pretty interesting! And who gives a flying fuck about the boongs? All they do is sit around, sniff petrol, drink, not work and spend MY tax money. I mean, I hate that we’re all supposed to be “sorry” for what our ancestors did hundreds of years ago… it’s not my fault. And, I don’t think we’re covering anything up, considering I learned about it all at school. You think we cover our past up? Go to Germany, they practically deny both world wars ever happened… Half of… Read more »


    I unreservedly apologise on behalf of all non-racist Australians for Q-delta’s comments.

    I’m quite happy to apologise to the various remaining Aboriginal tribes and nations for my ancestors fucking up their lives and the fact that their lives are still fucked up today.


    And on behalf of the rest of us… FUCK YOU! I’m not racist, I’m only saying that it’s our country now. Julius Caesar said “I came, I saw, I conquered” … not “I came, I saw, I conquered… then I apologized”

    That’s retarded. You’re retarded. You should stop being sorry. It’s depressing.


    OK, there are two sides to this coin: First, it’s OK to be saddened by the behavior of our ancestors… Second, we don’t need to be ‘making ammends’ or apologize for them – we didn’t do it, they did… History is full of one people being conquered by another yet only today will you see conquered peoples (American Indians, Aboriginies, etc.) making a stink about it and demanding reparations for the acts of past generations. If I oppress you now, then make me pay for it… if my Great Great Granfather oppressed yours, deal with it and move on. Now,… Read more »


    I’d just like to point out that I agree with the fact that if they had not come and ‘settled’ here, we would not have the same country, and it is one that i love. At no point did i say that i wanted Australia “to be a nation of neanderthals”. I’d also like to point out that I am also Aboriginal myself, and no amount of ‘school education’ or ‘Australian History’ can really give you the full gist of what happened, and that not all “boongs” are unemployed petrol-sniffers, etc. I would agree that what happened in the past… Read more »


    another thing, Q-Delta – the ‘less black’ thing actually did happen, whether you believe it or not.
    The children wih fairer skin were the ones they were more likely to take back to ‘civilisation’, as they were easier to blend in, and helped ‘breed out’ the darker skin tone.


    Well, good for you… I think the fact that it’s still disputed now is acknowledgment enough… I don’t think anyone’s ever denied that it happened, or covered it up… what happened to the aboriginals here is tame in comparison to the shit that STILL goes on in other parts of the world. “What’s depressing is that John Howard still finds it so difficult to even say the word ’sorry’” so now you’re saying we should be sorry? Because I’m telling you right now, I’m not sorry for what my great, great, great grandfather may or may not have done. That’s… Read more »


    I think maybe you misread what I wrote.
    What i was trying to convey is that we want -acknowledgement-, from the government and/or anybody else that can find it in their hearts to do so, that we were done wrong in the past.
    ‘Sorry’ is just the label that has been applied to this issue.
    I’ll re-write it for you – we want John Howard to formally acknowledge what happened.


    Peh… I’m sure Rudd will once he gets in…


    I just want to say that it is a beautiful looking beach. I thought that this is what all this was about, instead I got a history lesson.

    Well, If I can ask about a bit of history, is this the area they filmed some of “The Pirate Movie”?


    Looks a lot like the beaches on California’s coast just south of San Francisco.