Warning – It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong



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    I don’t get the joke. Why is a UN peace keeper in the same picture with ATF S.W.A.T team?

    tiki god

    You’re obviously not up on your right wing paranoid myth lore.

    The United Nations is an evil conglomerate of nations that will one day turn into a ‘world government’ that will come and take away your personal freedoms and property. Go buy a gun and join a militia.


    Umm the patriot act, spying on American citizens, DEA and ATF do kill people usually by mistake and never get in trouble for it. I don’t know about UN peace keeping force, but the ATF, DEA, and homeland security have a lot of power that they do abuse.

    Also that quote is by Voltaire, the same guy who was Anti-Church, and state, great philosopher.


    tttly dude its true I like read it in Deus Ex and there was PROOF in the basement of the skyscraper (apparently). Never trust the man: There hiding the vicious and well-guarded secret that rich people are powerful. YES THAT”S RIGHT! THEY DON”T WANT YOU TO KNOW!


    I’m a Libertarian Atheist, I just don’t trust organized religion and the state, there sole design is to control the rights and minds of the people.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    The idea that the UN would act directly is a bit paranoid, but the ATF, FBI, et al, have a long history of real abuse.


    Welcome to reality, Repairman Jack. Society is normative by nature and hierarchy is so ingrained on our brains that putting three people in a room is bound to get you one quickly.

    Pretty much the only way to avoid outside control by someone or another is to move out to a cabin in the woods and hunt rabbit and squirrel. But I really doubt anyone wealthy enough to idle away free time on the internet like us could really hack it.

    Other than that, you can update the Ayn Rand article on Wikipedia and pretend you’re making a difference. Or you could become a terrist and bomb people into self-liberating submission and hope that when your terrist bosses gain control, the power and money doesn’t go to their heads.

    Or, you know, you can accept the fact that you live in a society with other people and sometimes you can’t get what you want and you’re too old to cry about it.


    Or I could just buy guns. Lots of guns. And nades. And bazookas. And build an underground bomb shelter in the desert. And simply blaze away at anyone who approached.


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