Ultimate Shotgun Clip


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    Sweet! This, boys and girls, is an AA-12 (Auto Assault 12 gauge) machine shotgun. Can fire between 300-360 rounds per minute (depending on who you ask) Slow by machine gun standards, this will still mercilessly destroy everything in it’s path…

    Most definitely not your gramps shotgun…


    It’s just a street sweeper clip.


    phyreblade, the street sweeper puts this to shame.



    kinda looks like the USAS-12 but with a drum mag instead


    Case are you being serious? Revolver < Machine Gun.


    That would be an ideal close in weapon for the imminent zombie apocalypse.


    Note: this is the new USMC (Unites States Marine Corps) desert combat fatigues. Note the eagle, globe, and anchor on the cover (not hat) and the similar pattern to the army ACU’s.


    Is that a Glock he’s got riding on his hip?


    everyone knows that the mk 19 is the best most destructeve machine gun out there come on guys a fully automatic grnade launcher is way better then a shotgun any day


    schulzbrianr Actually the Army ACU pattern is similar to the USMC uniform. They had their’s first


    I was in the Marines, and I was the first platoon to be issued the new cammies, and I didn’t see army guys in theirs until I got to Iraq in late 2005, so I went with when the majority of units were wearing them, to my knowledge.


    Oh, when you said “They had their’s first” I forgot you didn’t know I was in the Corps, so, “their” to me means army.


    Case are you being serious? Revolver < Machine Gun.

    What’s that supposed to mean?

    To me, this picture is a shotgun, fitted with an extended clip, therefor, DOA-12/streetsweeper/Armsel Striker > this gun.


    Gives whole new meaning to “You best be getting off my property”




    DAO – Double Action Only – 1 trigger pull, 1 round fired.
    AA – Full Automatic – 1 trigger pull, full automatic fire!

    AA >>>>>>>> DAO

    AA-12 Pwns DAO-12!!!

    ‘Nuff said.


    Sorry, but full auto is not better then semi auto.

    It usually sticks, and all your rounds are wasted because you can’t control the gun.


    C’mon Case, any weapon can jam. And control is a matter of training. But in case you doubt my word on the superiority of the AA-12, here is a more trust worthy source:


    Low felt recoil means high accuracy. And just because it can fire full auto, doesn’t mean you have to fire it full auto all the time. You can use short bursts for even greater accuracy.

    It’s self cleaning, and, as if that were not enough, you have the option of explosive rounds. C’mon, you have to admit, the DAO-12 is severely deficient in comparison.

    Don’t hate. Just give the AA-12 the due props, and all will be well with the world…


    Ok, but look how long it is.

    Not good for close combat, they will see the thing before you even go around the corner.


    I’m still worried about the Glock on this guy’s hip. When did the Marines start packing Glocks?


    Yeah, this is the long version, there’s a CQB version that is about the same length as the DAO.
    Of course the DAO-12 also has a folding stock, so it can become significantly shorter, but I think it’s a small trade off given the advantages of the AA-12.

    Even if you a weapon as small as a handgun, you wouldn’t go sticking your weapon around the corner before you could see whats out there…

    You don’t like Glocks?


    Glocks are plastic, lol


    Yeah but they are cool. Glocks are the Batman of handguns… 😉


    Desert Eagles are the Iron man of handguns then 😉
    9mm are like super man


    I don’t know why he’s using a GLOCK, the only handgun I know they issue Marines is the Beretta M92, 9mm military version of the 92FS or something. I did see a Sergeant (Sgt) in Iraq who had a Sig Pro on his hip, and the Personal Security Detail (PSD) for the General of Camp Taqqadum where I was stationed used M4’s with the double drum magazines, as opposed to the standard 30 round we used normally. For the most part, the issue weapon is the M16A2, .223/5.56mm, but depending on your job, you could be using a shotgun, or sniper rifle, or whatever. I’m guessing this is some sort of testing facility for potential guns to be used in the near future. But I also haven’t done research on it at all, so I’m talking out my poop-hole.


    I’m guessing this is some sort of testing facility for potential guns to be used in the near future.

    That looks pretty accurate since he has the goggles on.


    Well, technically, you should always wear protective eyewear, but we never did at any of the ranges I went to in the Corps. The sling also looks like the piece of shit 3-point sling that we got for Iraq that lets you carry and flip it around like a fancy SWAT guy.


    : Glocks are fine. I was just surprised to see a member of the US military wearing one.

    : Thanks for the additional thoughts. I think you’re right.


    No, glocks are not fine. They are cheap plastic pos


    Actually, I consider GLOCKs some of the most reliable guns out there. I read a review in a magazine a while back about how they took 150 GLOCKs, and interchanged all the parts, and fired rounds through them. They are also INEXPENSIVE, which is not the same thing as cheap. I would rather have a GLOCK than a Beretta 92. They are also not plastic, or ceramic.


    Personally, my first pistol/handgun will be a Sig Sauer P229 in either .40 S&W or .45. Backup will be a S&W Model 340PD in .357 magnum. I’ve already mentioned I have a Mossberg Model 500 Persuader 12 gauge shotgun, and I would also like to get an AR-15 type, like a Rock River arms LAR-8 mid-length A2 in .308. Then a nice Winchester Model 700 in .308, or a Remington Model 70 in the same.

    The pistols give me close range high capacity shots, and the shotgun is the heavy damage short range. The AR is for short to mid range high capacity, and the rifle is for long range accuracy. This setup allows me to enough firepower to be able to handle a threat from any range, but not be overburdened with an armory I can’t easily store in a trunk or backseat if I have to bug out in a post-apocalyptic scenario, such as nuclear attack (Like “Jericho.” Great show) or a Zombie invasion (See any zombie movie like “Resident Evil” or “28 Days/Weeks Later” or “Dawn/Day/Night/Dusk/Twilight of the Dead”).

    I consider grenades to be too inaccurate, and the ability of them to turn against the user makes them too dangerous, and their high levels of restriction to civilians unpractical. Likewise for flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and the BFG.

    BTW, I like guns…


    Yes. Glocks are somewhat plasticky. (Actually they have polymer frames, with a steel barrel and slide, to be precise) but seeing as the other 80%-85% of the weapon is made of steel, they are FAR from being POS.

    Glocks are relatively light, extremely reliable, and have been known to shoot loads that have caused jams in many other well known, brand name handguns, including many of the the venerable 1911 clones.

    Please, please, pleeeaasse don’t make me have to look this one up for you as well. Just take the word if us gun nuts on it. Please.

    And the truth shall set you free…

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