The Boondocks




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    it started out as such a great show full of social commentary… then i think aaron mcgruder’s vision was lost to shock value. “the boondocks” fell victim to the “south park” mentality… a lowest common denominator.

    the same thing happened to dave chappelle… and when he could not take it, comedy central passed the “shock value” torch to carlos mencia.

    hopefully, aaron mcgruder can get the new season back in line with his vision.


    The R.Kelly trial was slick.


    please, Ned Holness is the worst thing that could happen to stand-up. Comparing him to a complete opposite that is Dave Chappelle?
    What is up, I really tried to watch Ned Holness but its just too horrible for me. Even Dane Cook is a better stand up compare to him and Dane already has way more fame than he truly deserve.


    Huey Pwns the Boondocks…


    rmx_, what the fuck are you talking abut?

    I mean seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?

    Some bizarre universe where recto-cranial inversion is the norm or something?

    Boondocks has never been just about social commentary. It’s about a black family living in white suburbia. That it doesn’t meet your personal standards for any purpose other than “shock value” is not a failure in the series; it is a failure in your comprehension of the show and the comic strip that spawned it.

    I suggest you revisit season one before you spout any further inanity about the current series. Really. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

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