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    Everywhere I look, this movie is getting dumped on, but I actually liked it. I hate the white guy, he’s always a sleazy bastard, but seeing Jessica Biel in that bathing suit was aces.


    well considering i can see it ..its not very stealthy. Tax dollars hard at work.


    Ogie, the real plane is the guy in the red hat.


    The movie was so friggin’ fake! And the lame stereotypes were just too much! Aaaarrgh!


    … What was so fake about it? The switchblade is a real aircraft that Northrop Grumman currently have a patent on i believe. The missions they undertook could actually occur, the science behind it is quite solid even the part where they blow that building!

    And i might point out that yeah… they are stereotypes but most pilots are actually like that 😛 yes i am training to be a pilot so i can comment on it. Get yourself a room full of pilots and your likely to have one of the largest congregations of gigantic egos you have ever seen 😀 especially military pilots!! BUT we aren’t ALL like that ALL the time 😛


    I actually liked this movie. Even though it is FAKE… Hello!! An autonomous, self sacrificing, adaptive wing, AI jet fighter? Plausibility does not reality make.

    @Wally… LOL Pilot trainee eh? I should have known… Dat’s why u be beatin’ down us little peeps ain’t it…?

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