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    tea time?


    Rule, Britannia


    The sun never sets on the British Empire.


    Thats cause you cant see the sun over the damn fog.


    i heard they don’t really get the fog so much anymore.. anyone else hear that?


    Greatest Nation in the World. No question.

    -Oldest surviving Democracy (Why mess with perfection).
    -Home to the finest beers known to man.
    -Used to run a quarter of the world’s land mass with the number of people who now sit on a standard local council.
    -Enjoy fighting the French so much we carried on at it for a hundred years straight.

    I’m so British I drink nothing but tea and shit cucumber sandwiches.


    And it’s all negated by horrible teeth. And on a personal note, how hard is it to own firearms? I hear that even the police aren’t allowed to.

    Luke Magnifico

    -Oldest Surviving Democracy
    Your country is falling to pieces! Nothing gets done! And how is it a democracy, it’s been a monarchy for just about all of the time it was successful!

    Just no.

    You are wrong.
    -Used to have a massive empire
    Used to. You USED to have an empire. So did nazi germany. So did Rome, for that matter.


    Luke, to keep this simple, just wiki the magna carta sometime.


    United Kingdom > all. Until of course England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland split – then all 4 are screwed. Lets face is the way Scotland is going it’ll be independent within 20 years. Last thing I want, as I live there and like being in the U.K. schulzbrianr – The U.K. citizens don’t want personal ownership of firearms and restrict them as much as possible. The police can be armed and all forces have “armed response units”. Unlike almost every other country the U.K. and it’s constituent member states have never been fully conquered except by each other and… Read more »


    They have Austin Powers. And that’s, little duckies, is awesome.


    I don’t know what the rules are, but, here are some links to reports about violent crime in England (the UK, Britain, whatever):








    To sum it up, all of them say that gun control has not reduced violent crimes, and that the UK has a higher violent crime rate than the US. I typed “england violent crime rate” in google, and went with about 9 out of the first 10 responses.

    The Lawnmower

    Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.


    You’re using a lot of big words I don’t understand. So I’m going to take that as a form of disrespect.


    Britain ftw 🙂 We get less fog than San Francisco, it doesnt rain a lot but it is overcast some of the time. Our dental care is perfect, just that not everyone has the money to use and abuse it. I’m only shelling out a grand a year for my full time college/university education from a top institution. Crime isnt a factor unless you visit the Chav estates. Google ‘Chav’ – welcome to the only downside of Britain’s future. Tea ftw too 🙂 With proper tea bags in a big beer stein. Beer tastes like piss anyways, so drink ale… Read more »


    I honestly wouldn’t live anywhere else.

    Even if it has gone down the shitter in the past 10 years.


    So why does a Welsh show (Torchwood) inspire such patriotic feelings in me (I’m American)? After all, Jack’s the only one who could shoot the people eating townsfolk.