The Battle For The Toy Box

Jesus Toys

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    The Jesusland people are starting to scare me. That’s a lie, they’ve scared me for a long time.

    They’re the only group i know of who can scream oppression and get more rights.


    I guess there are no black rights activists, or muslims near where you live?


    On top of that, when do you ever hear about Christians “screaming opression”?


    Saw these at my local Walmart, its true.


    I believe this is a repost. And this was actually posted not too long ago.


    1: Take them out of the boxes
    2: Pair them up (two by two, lulz)
    3:Replace them on shelves in compromising and unholy positions
    4: ???
    5: Prophet!


    “I believe this is a repost. And this was actually posted not too long ago.”

    yes indeed, RIPOSTE!


    Rotflmao @
    4: ???
    5: Prophet!

    ohmybob wins!


    I hear some christian group screaming opression quite often. Usually members of congress around re-election time. “They’re taking Christ out of schools! They want to take God out of the pledge of alligence! The Gay agenda wants to/is to eliminate christians!”

    I live in the rural south, where the Masons and the Good ol boys are the same thing.


    Perhaps it’s because the commandments are a good solid set of moral values, which our society is SORELY lacking today. And, as for the pledge of allegiance, it’s been understood to mean to me that “In God We Trust” is far more able to be interpreted as a belief in a higher power, of ANY religion, than specifically Christianity. Yes, religions with multiple gods, or, religions with NO gods are left out, but, a belief in a higher power that is all knowing and all seeing gives some a sense of comfort that justice will be brought to those who… Read more »


    No, sorry. Your being a Christian does not empower you to make decisions for the rest of us.

    Want to know what a lot of Christianity is progressing towards now? Go look up Fred Phelps.


    I think people might not cry GET THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OUT OF SCHOOL to oppress christianity- it’s not like they’re saying ‘BUT LEAVE THE TEACHINGS OF JIHAD’… possibly because jihad isn’t being taught in american schools. So, trying to get rid of the christian elements in schools where no other religious elements existed constitutes oppression?

    Also, the implication that those of us without religion can’t behave in an ethical or moral manner without an invisible man looking over our shoulder isn’t cool either. 😉


    Next time you think, or worse, suggest that the Ten Commandments are “a good set of morals to live by” for the general population and aren’t “establishment of religion”… LOOK THEM UP AND READ THEM. You will find yourself sadly mistaken. Fore extra credit, those of you who think the Ten Commandments are awesome, try and recall all 10 before looking them up. See if you get more than three.


    schulzbrianr: Wtf is that ‘sorely lacking today’ stuff? I’m a history post-grad student, and in all my years studying, I’ve yet to find this ethically perfect society everyone just seems to assume to have existed. Save, maybe, a couple mountain villages in the Himalayas, or a couple of tribal societies where there happened to be a lot of food and natural barriers. For the most part, every society has pushed lofty ethical codes which, if followed, would give us some beautiful paradise nation, and every society has completely ignored those codes and continued to do whatever the hell they felt… Read more »


    Don’t the ten commandments also outlaw pictures or something? There’s a bit in there about graven images or something. So no year book photos I guess.