gwen stefani


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    Funny, the title didn’t say “Fake whore sellout”.

    Something must be wrong with wordpress again…


    She was actually pretty cool until she turned into a promiscuous weeaboo.


    Yeah that pretty much sums it up.

    After no doubt got popular she was a sell out.


    Creepy porcelain doll.

    tiki god

    I think that you’ll notice that if you click through, SHE HAS NO REAL CHIN.

    Photoshoppery perhaps?


    Tool, (A Perfect Circle), Rammstein, Stabbing Westward, White/Rob Zombie….


    I happen to think she’s pretty hot…


    If you want an incredibly talented singer with a tight body, and (mostly) blonde hair, I say go with Christina Aguilera. Heck, I could even go twice…


    I wouldn’t say Christina Aguilera is a talented singer.

    God I love using my new found HTML ability!



    I wouldn’t say Christina Aguilera” is a talented singer.


    Wait, so, the quality of a picture determines singing ability? Or the fact that you can pick the most ghetto-fied song? Try that banana’s one Gwen did then? Look up “It’s a man’s world” and see her live performance on youtube or something. I think she has far more range vocally than Stefani, and that’s what I’m basing singing talent on, and the fact that I find her far more physically appealing.


    I agree that Christina is the better singer, but she also wins the ghetto’d out record of the 2.


    Meh, I only own one of her CD’s, listened to it all the way through maybe once (ok, twice) and I don’t watch the music videos for her voice. I also never listen to the radio, so, I hear next to none of the music by either of them, and, we all know all recording artists are affected (effected? God I hate that) by the popular trends, so they have their fads and phases, like Xtina’s “Classic Beauty” phase, which is a lot like this pic of Gwen, and Gwen’s super pop phase, or something. All in all, neither of… Read more »


    I listen to the radio if I’m driving my dads ride, and I’ll watch some music video on mun2 sometimes.


    My dad has a 2005 Cadillac CTS, and if I’m ever lucky enough to drive it, I just turn off the radio, and hit the gas to hear her purr. My 2005 Chevy Colorado has CD/mp3 player, so I just burn discs.


    Uh huh, this my shit.


    That’s how I feel about my mustang now, no need for music when you have a v8 =]

    But stock GMC sonoma and jimmy are no fun without music D:


    Who’s there? oh wait, let me turn up the contrast on my monitor.


    There is a higher percentage of douche comments on here than the usual ninety percent. Must be a full moon.


    There is a higher percentage of douche comments on here than the usual ninety percent. Must be a full moon.

    Must be you. Go away so we can go back to our normal 90%.


    [i]SHE HAS NO REAL CHIN.[/i]
    And no tits for that matter.


    Argh, shit. It’s not [ ].


    The thing is, when she’s not wearing all that creepy makeup and crazy heardo, she’s pretty hot.


    She’s a poster-girl for the “mutton done up as lamb” foundation.