World’s most over rated band?


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    Well, they might be overrated in some peoples’ opinions, but that doesn’t mean they had plenty of good music. I don’t see why they caused such hysteria amongst fans, but I like to listen to them when I’m at work.


    Well according to my dad, kids those days didn’t wear their hair like that, so it was a big deal.


    also, it’s spelled Beatles.




    Over rated? How so? they have a huge number of songs which are easy to listen to, and one of the few bands where you can put on an album and listen from front to back without skipping a song.


    They were great in their day, and did a lot to get us to where we are now, but if some other band had showed up then, and they showed up now, they probably would probably be another crappy indie band.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No there are certainly more over rated bands. U2 for instance because saying anything other than U2 sucks is over rating them. Or The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They’re crap and over rated.

    The Beatles, while not my kind of thing, are rated just perfectly.


    u2 is ok. TRHCP is ok.


    this thread is proof some of us have shit taste in music


    Tool, (A Perfect Circle), Rammstein, Stabbing Westward, White/Rob Zombie…


    I like all kinds of music.

    Just because I like U2 and red hot chili peppers does not mean anything.

    I only partially like songs by them anyway, I’m into rap and electronic.

    Sneaky Snake

    WTF? Music is subjective? No fucking way! Red Hot Chili Peppers suck and Bob Dylan is the greatest artist in the history of the world.




    “a girl with kaleidescope eyes” come on, there were tripping on lsd their entire career.

    but they still have some good songs: “Help”, “Hard days night”, “Hey jude”, most of my favorite of them, and of course: “Twist and Shout” …


    Lol, overrated? 99.99% of music/pop culture is influenced by them. overrated maybe, but one of the greatest bands of all time.


    Not overrated, and you need to learn to either type or spell.


    backstreet boys from the 60’s they don’t suck though.


    I think Bakudai said it fairly well, but I’d like to add that there wouldn’t even BE such a genre if it weren’t for the Beatles. You may not find their music oversimplified compared to modern-day metal, complete with three shred guitarists simultaneously flailing at various strings and the drummer playing at 250 BPM, but that type of music evolved only later–and largely as a byproduct of earlier music, like The Doors and, yes, the Beatles. Think of it this way: You can look at the various complex and sophisticated types of wheels we have now–from the different designs for… Read more »


    LonelyTylenol: Great metaphor! Well said! I love The Beatles. They had great sounds, powerful lyrics, and an addictive beat. They were a great band, one that the world needed at that time. I certainly don’t think any bands from this generation will have the influence or lasting popularity that The Beatles do have. Quick thought experiment here: its not secret that bands like The Beatles or The Doors were on drugs. When you consider modern day culture’s “War on Drugs,” does anyone else feel that we’re getting screwed on music? Music from the 60s and 70s sounds so much more… Read more »


    The Popular crap that the radios play endlessly definitely suck but if you look there is some really cool music still being made. Jonathan Coulton makes some pretty crazy music, look for the song I Feel Fantastic. There is still some really good music being made the problem is that people are content listening to whatever they’re told to.


    It seems that most of you have missed the point. The objective nature of music makes arguing over it futile. How ’bout everyone enjoy what they like and stop pissing and moaning about shit that need not bother them?

    I grew up with The Beatles, and hold them in high regard, but I also love myself a little Motzart. Remember that guy? The father of it all? The first rock and roll star? Remember Miles Davis? John Coltrane? Raffi? (I KEEED!)

    Not looking to preach, just advocating for a little perspective.

    I am the Walrus.


    You guys are crazy. Daft Punk is the greatest band ever.


    I personally think the beatles wrote a decent number of truely timeless songs intertwined with a slightly higher number of sugrary / drug-fueled crap songs. Almost NOTHING they wrote was middle-of-the-road.


    Meh, they’re overrated not because they were lacking in anything, but because they’ve been so highly rated that no one can live up to that kind of reputation.

    Seriously. For about a year there, I listened to them all the time. Then I got bored and now I only listen to them once in a long while. That’s gonna be the case with any band no matter how good. There’s just no god damned Bill-and-Tedish band that’s so good it will usher in a new era of human perfection.




    Best bands evar:
    1.Blind Melon
    3.My Chemical Romance
    4.The Doors
    5.The Beatles.

    Most overrated bands evar:
    2.Rolling Stones (seriously, they’re like, what, 70? 75? dead?)
    3.Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Others if I’d bother to think about it.