A Rat


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    Around here I’m the only one that can look at rats and mouses and think it’s cute.

    They’re like squirrels, I don’t know why people think they’re ugly. You have to ignore the diseases but if you’re gonna mind ’em so much, might as well find all people ugly since we carry such diseases too.

    And we piss on people’s car tires and backyards.


    Don’t worry, I find ’em cute aswell


    I think they cute. They don’t have more disase then any other mammal living in the city.

    Billy Manic

    I have a rat, and I think rats are cute.




    They’re adorable! Even my mother fell in love with them and, at one point, had 5 pet rats of her own.
    As far as I’m aware, domestic rats don’t really have any diseases that aren’t species-specific, and can be passed to a human (apart from the plague, which doesn’t really count, and that 1-in-a-billion rare one that i forget the name of that almost killed that guy).
    Well… in Australia anyway, I don’t know what kind of wacky, crusty diseases your rats might have (rabies?).


    Ratties are the best. It’s awful that their lifespan is so short, though. You get as attached to them as you do a cat or dog.

    I had one that would chase bubbles that I blew for her. 🙁

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