Celebrate Diversity

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    Tequila – Jose tastes like dirt, patron is okay, for a girly drink

    Vodka – Has been bringing people together for 60+ years.

    Whiskey – YEE HAW! “hold my beer, watch this”

    Rum – “hold mah this, watch me *puke* … … …Aunt Jemima bitch!”

    Gin – tanqueray smells like turpentine, and tastes like tonic water/Pine forest, “I do say sir”


    arrr, pirates be awesome.


    Jagermeister – Will cause the ultimate demise of my liver. “Turn up the bass”


    Ah, the only way the UN is ever interesting. Do a shot of alcohol from the closest place the person speaking is from. For example, if the ambassador from Bulgaria is speaking, shoot vodka.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Good idea for a drinking game, MrPsychic, but wouldn’t Rakia be better for Bulgarian?


    Drink both?


    I bought this shirt for my brother-in-law for last Christmas.

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