Coffin Car



It’s a death machine!

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    Alec Dalek

    Harold from the movie “Harold and Maude” would have loved this car more than life itself.


    Looks like a boxcar racer.


    Does anyone else think this thing will be “squirrelly” on the road with those small front tires?


    I doubt the thing really has an engine. Those look like bicycle wheels.


    that statement “its a death machine!” was so unexpected and funny.
    lol, tiki, i love you.


    Wow, Alec, I already knew you were the funniest, wittiest, most original and, above all, most prolific poster on this site, but look what you pulled out there! An obscure, completely irrelevant reference to a shit arthouse movie that’s thirty-some years old. Comedy gold!!


    What’s worse, you knew what it was and had the gall to slam him for it?

    *Ring ring…ring ring*

    “hello, Pot, old bean, it’s the Kettle….”

    Speaking of pot, you need to increase your intake, Ciao. That sand in your vagina is reeeaally starting to make you an unpleasant person to be around.


    Caio, I don’t think Alec was tring to be funny, just making an observation.

    Why are you being such a poopy-head, Mr.Man?

    Did you get in trouble with your Mommy for looking at naked lady parts on MCS?


    Is it just me or do the pipes look distorted?

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