Fleshlight Review

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    gastric bypasss


    didn’t work, doctors got so bored waiting they decided it wasn’t worth either their time or the money 😛


    Become an hero!


    Ok that was lame.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If you are over 30 and haven’t been laid, there’s nothing wrong with getting a hooker now and then.
    In fact, there is never anything wrong with getting a hooker now and then.

    General X

    First off I completely agree with reboot. Second this is how I see myself in about 11 years. Third, does the flashlight work for anybody?


    This man has touched my heart. I can feel his agony. The same demons torment me too. He is an hero to me.


    I feel really sorry for this guy, but damn it at some point if you want something you have to work for it instead of sitting around feeling sorry for yourself!

    Screw it, become an hero.


    “the illness of many is the confort of the fools”

    I’m totally laughing at this, because DAMN that must be a really low blow.
    How do you expect to change if you keep doing the same?
    It’s never late to find love, or at least to get laid.


    for a start he should just work out, everything else will work out, too.


    become an hero. of course.


    Definition of an hero

    This guy really needs to watch Fight Club.


    : Starting working out is not that easy. If you fat, working out is fucking torment. Also, if you don’t have any help and motivation (Growing thiner is not enough), you just stop and start eating again, because you can’t picture any goal. If you fat, and didn’t scored for 30 years, you always underappraise yourself, and you don’t think you could get a girlfriend, even if you lose weight. So yeah, you should tell fat people that “You colud be cool again, you have all the potentiality!” and that weay, us fat people can picture a brighter future. Yes, i ‘m fat to, I have weight problems, and I’m working out, and it’s fucking hard alone.


    I agree 100% with Hepathos, I mean the only thought of “I’m going to work out” alone doesnt do much, and if it does, it doesn’t last long.

    But trust me, is 95874574895746894735687 worse on women. Is a true torment.


    Anyone who has never been heavy doesn’t understand what it’s like. You literally cannot get out of your own way. Once you reach a certain weight, everything hurts, your joints ache, it’s not as simple as “work out” “eat less”. There IS no easy solution when you’re heavy, short of the “miracle” of gastric bypass, which isn’t always effective and is an enormous amount of work once you have it done, believe it or not. Being heavy is fucking HARD. Whether this particular post is for real or not, there are people out there like this and it really breaks my heart.


    …and it really breaks my heart.

    Oh for Christ’s sake. Are you really going to cry just because a bunch of idiots aren’t willing to starve themselves?

    Here’s a simple diet plan. EAT NOTHING. DRINK ONLY WATER. TAKE VITAMIN PILLS. And sooner or later, you’re on your way to getting slim.

    Is it really that fucking hard to lose that fat? Some people will argue that few will die by doing this. Well, so be it. I’d rather have a handful of worthless fatties die than having 50% of the overweight population bitch about how McDonalds is shoving fat up their asses. Natural selection at work, bitches.


    In 2005 I was 240 lbs (partially from working at DQ in college), I currently weight 187.5 lbs.

    It’s hard, yes, but it can be done. Commitment, consistency, and knowledge are necessary. Not saying everyone will be able to pull it off, just like not everyone who goes into rehab will get clean, but saying it just can’t be done and “woe is me” is ridiculous.

    I’m tired of this “it’s not my fault I’m fat” crap in America. It may be comforting (and easier) to think nothing can be done about it, but it’s simply not true. I especially hate all those “it’s genetics” people in our country, too. I somehow doubt every person with bad fat genes somehow came to our country at a disproportionate rate.

    Sorry if I sound cruel, but I know both sides of this.

    Can’t comment on the getting laid part, because even at 240 lbs. I was getting some… just gotta lower your standards a bit and put yourself out there. 😛


    … If you are so overweight and depressed about it, but too lazy to try to workout or diet, then you get zero sympathy from me. Stop eating so damn much, get an operation, or start puking if you just have to eat your sweets so badly!

    I’m not skinny, while 205 lbs isn’t that bad, it ain’t great either, but I’m not gonna whine to others to try to win some fake sympathy and acceptance.



    Seriously, if that picture was you, which I’m more than willing to believe it was, then you’re not really one to speak and will probably also die a virgin and alone.


    *sigh* all this guy needs to do is skip breakfast, lunch, and all snacks in between, then eat a piece of broccoli for dinner, then go to the dermatologist.


    i have a way to lose weight. Simply embrace the diet of a skinny person. like me, here is my daily diet:

    1 pack of lucky strikes
    8 cups of coffee with 1 sugar in each
    14 hours sitting in front of a computer and working
    one huge spicy meat based dinner every night
    a snack in the afternoon if I feel like passing out.


    I feel so bad for this guy.

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