Anyone out in california, and have pictures of the current fire conditions?

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    The Orange County fire was started (by an arsonist who, if caught, should be given the death penalty of getting set on fire, starting with his fucken nut sack) in the hills near my house on Saturday night. I live about 2 miles from the flashpoints & saw nothing but a wall of flames, luckily, moving away from my house. The thing is still burning now & not getting any better. For the past 2 days I’ve been walking through heavy ash floating through the air, a constant smell of burning & medium to thick smoke all around me, depending… Read more »


    I live in Pasadena so the fires aren’t directly affecting me except the air quality is so shitty no sports team can practice, play, or even stay outside.During P.e. we’re suposed to be swimming but we could only swim for 15 minutes before the principal started bitching that we were all gonna get sick. Even though its so fucking hot out we had to get out.


    I’m in Chula Vista. Which is in the south part of San Diego County. We had some mandatory evacuations here due to the Harris and San Miguel fires. Ash is coming down like snow flurries. We have been told to stay inside with windows and doors shut due to the dangerous air quality conditions. My husband was sent home from work early yesterday and doesn’t have to report to his command again until Thursday possibly. About half of the people in his shop have been evacuated from their homes. They were supposed to have their 1.5 mile run for their… Read more »


    As I’m reading these long melodramatic proses on the wildfire, I can’t stop and think that I’m gonna laugh my ass off if the entire Californian state goes up in flames.

    I hope it’ll wipe out San Francisco and Los Angeles.

    Suck. It. Hippies.


    iddqd, your officially a faggot, congratulations.

    You won’t care if the apartment you rent tumbles to the ground?

    Well, you live in an apartment, people in Freedom countries, such as America, live in houses

    Anyways, now that the faggot has been flamed, I live in San Jose so I’m no where near this.

    Am I the only one who sees that the world is getting closer and closer to it’s end?

    People fleeing their homes in fear of catching on fire…


    Chula Vista here. I can look out the window in my room and see the fire at night. Everywhere I go is covered in ash. The store I work at has been closed for 2 days along with many others. It’s pretty crazy.
    I’m not even going to dignify the troll with a response.


    Best of luck to everyone fighting for their homes and lives – as a survivor of the Ash Wednesday fires I know how terrifying something like this can be.
    Remember that it’ll be over in the not too distant future – you’re stronger than you realise and you’ll get through it.


    I’m in santa barbara, which isn’t that close to the fires but the air is very hazy and ashy the past few days.


    iddqd, it’s comforting to know that behind that shallow, self-satisfying and egotistical internet tough-guy exterior, there is actually a heart as shriveled and black as your soul, if you should by some miracle still happen to have one.

    And *that* is how you flame, casemods.


    I live in Thousand Oaks, so all I had to deal with is a lil smoke. And I got a day off school cuz apparently the air quality was too poor at Moorpark College, so they closed it for 2 days.


    Burn, baby, Burn!
    Although California probably would’ve been my favourite american state. Right next to Vermont.
    Too bad.


    I feel really bad for all of you affected by these fires, I really do. It really must fucking suck.

    The worst thing we get up here in Maine are freezing rain storms that cover everything ina sheet of ice, knoocking down phone lines and closing roads.

    The worst of them, in 98, didn’t last nearly as long or cause a fraction of a percentage point of the damage:


    And *that* is how you flame, casemods.

    If your a faggot.


    i pooped a little


    I’m in Orange County and have discovered a plus to this who situation. I have found that I can stand next to people while they smoke and not want to murder them. Compared to the air, cigarettes are almost pleasant.