Diver attacks great white

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    Yeah, kill da honky!


    Transcribed from the article: DEAN “Deano” Stefanek spent 30 minutes battling an enraged 6m great white shark — and lived. The South Austrailian tuna diver has told how he volunteered to jump into a tuna pen to try to kill the injured shark. “Somebody had to do it, no one else was too keen, so I went in,” Mr Stefanek, 38, said. The struggle took place recently at a tuna farm off the coast of Mexico and the tale of the Aussie who “wrestled” the fearsome fish has spread. Mr Stefanek, who returned to Port Lincoln this month after a… Read more »


    Sorry for being a total Neo-Luddite, but can someone please explain to me how to enlarge the images after the cut so that I can actually read them? I’m having this problem on lots of postings here, not just this one… Thanks!


    Right-click on the image…choose View Image (Firefox)…then remove the .thumbnail from the URL. It appears that it is supposed to be watermarked, due to the “visit myconfinedspace.com for unwatermarked version notice”, but that message appears to be the only ‘watermark’ (it’s very small in the bottom-right corner).


    Got it, medic350, and thanks!


    yeah they shot it while in a net, fair fight


    Thank you medic350!!

  • Here's a few awesome images!