Space Time Loop

What the frak is this?

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Klein bottle. Kind of a 4-dimensional mobius strip.


    I would love one of these, pour 1/2 liter of 151 in it and take it to a party, half way through I would start tripping


    As reboot said it’s a Klein bottle, a tesseract of a four-dimensional surface that actually has no break in its surface. It has no inside nor outside.

    A while back a fairly kind person sent me one of these in beer-mug shape. It’s still a Klein bottle, too, and believe me it’s a hell of a lot easier to understand them when you’ve had a few drinks from one. 😉


    A klein stein?


    I don’t get it, Klein bottle does have a break on it surpface. It’s where it’s re-enter itself.


    I agree it does have a break in its surface. It also clearly has an interior and exterior…


    Quoth the Wiki:

    “Note that this is an “abstract” gluing in the sense that trying to realize this in three dimensions results in a self-intersecting Klein bottle. The Klein bottle, proper, does not self-intersect. Nonetheless, there is a way to visualize the Klein bottle as being contained in four dimensions.”

    You can’t actually build a real Klein bottle in three dimensions. The model is just for visualizing it. Also for storing al-kee-hol.

    Frank McColbert

    Looks like an attempt to store beer in time.


    I love this thing! There’s a physicist who knits Klein bottles:D Yay for geekdom.

    On a family meeting I started talking about the Moebius band. I actually made one out of paper to make it visual, but they kept looking at me like I’m stupid and insisted, that this piece of paper obviously had two sides.
    Friggin uneducated assholes made me look like an idiot. I really wanted to shoot them in the face, one after another.


    challenge your insisting fracking uneducated assholes to paint ‘the obvious two sides’ with 2 different color markers. then shoot them in the face, one after another. and with my regards


    Dude, with that klein stein, if you pured the drinks right, you could have jaegerbombs on tap!