Portal Hero


based on all my friend’s suggestions, and the hilariously informative review by Zero Puncuation, I ran out and bought Orange Box.  And I’m glad I did, because I loved Portal.  Now, I need to dig out my copy of HL and play through it so I can play HL2

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    That’s not the hero of Portal, that’s merely the player’s avatar. The REAL hero of Portal is the Weighted Companion Cube.


    the TRUE heroes of portal are the turrets.


    I miss my weighted companion cube 🙁


    i miss mine too. :*( lol i think that was the saddest moment in video game history.

    General X

    They say those springs are so that her feet are protected from falls. But looking at them I think they would do horrible damage to the soles of her feet and maybe even punch through.


    Has anyone else been killed by one of the wall cameras? And those springs are weird…