Death Proof Model


so, did they hack off her leg for just this one promo?

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    No big mystery. He leg is tucked into her ass.


    or they just found someone with one leg


    not to sound like a loser (however impossible it may be)… but wasnt she in planet terror, not death proof?

    but the leg thing… to quote quentin tarantino- “easier access”


    I don’t think that’s a real person, but the low resolution of the picture makes it hard to tell.


    It was a real amputee.



    tiki god

    768×1024 is low rez? click on the image for the big one ya dope


    lol yes tiki it’s too hard to tell because her arm looks all weird and her face looks weird too.


    you need to get on that 2816×2112 res, sure the will be over a MB for 1 pic, but damn worth it


    It looks like a manikin to me, but that might just be the lighting.

    I’m sure they’ve got plenty of available models with this particular war that’s going on.


    I’m actually shocked that no one here has caught the fact that that particular character was NOT in Death Proof. She was in Project Terror.


    I thought the fact that she wasn’t in the movie went without saying.

    I was assuming she was a model for the movie, or something along that line.

    Besides, that’s the main reason I was doubting her realism.

    tiki god

    @ Andrew

    I’m shocked you didn’t bother to read past the 3rd comment.


    This is from a Convention earlier this year (Comicon I think). The guys over at JoBlo did a rather large article on the thing and it included this lovely young one legged model. She’s real, she has one leg and I must say one lovely behind (JoBlo had pics from multiple angles).

    tiki god

    oh wtf, gimme a link Barricade501!


    I call for a note system, and comment vote.

    That way, we can put a note to provide more information, and vote on people’s comment.