Sumo Omni Bean Bag

The bag in question.

A couple weeks ago, right before I was heading out the door for a business trip I got an e-mail from a rep from Sumo Lounge, asking if I wanted to try out their bean bag. Normally, I toss these kinds of e-mails into the spam folder with all the other nigerian money offers and forget about them, but I remembered this particular item from various other big name sites (PvP, C/A/D, etc), so I figured, hey, free shit! why not, I’ll get a bean bag outta the deal, right?

When I came back, I found that the bag had been delivered to my door in a box about the same size as my couch. I promptly tore it open to find the bean bag in the box. This was not surprising, but what was surprising was the size of the damn thing. It’s hueg. Larger then an x-box hueg. And it’s not really just a bean ‘bag’, because it has structure to it, so if you have a bad back, you can squish and mush it so that you have plenty of back support. Luckily, the thing was delivered right before my x-box 360 got the most playing it’s gotten yet due to a little game called halo 3, and I was able to sit in the Omni for hours and hours on end. The fabric isn’t plastic or just cloth, some form of “space age rip-proof nylon” and come filled with “top quality Sumo Beads”. Those beads tend to insulate you a little, but they also breath enough that there’s no overheating issues, so you don’t have to worry about having a sweaty ass after a marathon session of Viva Pinata.

An added benefit that I didn’t foresee : My roomies have kids, one that’s just starting to roll around. With the proper configuration, the Omni is a fairly competent baby holder. So, while the kid is sleeping, she’s not going to roll around onto the ground.
And the last unforeseen advantage of the Omni is that we can just throw it behind the couch when it’s not being used, and it’s pretty much out of the way. I’d imagine that if I had one of these back when I was living in a dorm (for. 2. damn. years.) this chair would have been a better choice then sitting on top of my computer case while playing half life. Yeah, I owned a computer big enough to sit on. How awesome is that? My only other option was to stand, or to sit on my bed, but I was on the top bunk, so cross that option off.

So, in summery : Sumo Omni good for me playing 360, and for babies and dorms, maybe not babies IN dorms though. Might be good for making babies in dorms, hmmm….

Since I just got myself a sweet camera, I’ll be taking pictures later on, which will sadly be nothing as hot as the pictures linked to above :*(

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    i want a free one too man 129 bucks?

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I would also like a free bag of beans.


    i will pay the 129$ if i get her too

    Frank McColbert

    I wonder if somebody gets money for this post. I wonder if I get a mail for my free hueg thingie before I can say more about my “tiki posts ads”-theory.

    I liek thems videos, however. If I just had the money …

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Demo 1 is the best because she’s straddling it.

    Demo 3 has her rocking out to the band though.

    I wish they had the blonde from the pics in the demo. She’s hotter.

    Those demos are really piss poor production value wise. They should have hired pros instead of trying to do it themselves on a Mac pro.

    I also think you could hide a body in one of those things pretty easily. You know while you’re on your way to burying it.

    There might be other uses for it to but I don’t care about those right now. I have to go rent a back hoe.


    Spamalicious! Or should I say paid/consensual spamming?


    Sorry but the cameras integrated into mobile devices suck, and I’m not just saying that out of my ass, they truly do suck ass, so please do us the favor of using a digital camera for the pics 🙂

    I also would like a free one :p ask if you can hook up some people on MCS like a contest thing or something 😀


    i aint that inginuitve hell i can hardly spell


    Halloween’s approachin’.

    Why not a costume contest?

    Better yet, wet t-shirt contest. Give me my sumo chair.


    Well lady, I say you no match for my mighty european manboobs!


    Hmm, how about the best edited/found/etc pic of a bean bag chair/couch?

    Frank McColbert

    >lol, no money, just a kick ass bean bag shair seat thing

    I think you wrote that you got paid for it in the top right corner of MCS. In some sort of way.

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