Site update

Special thanks to casemods for finding, and then telling me about a rather stupid/serious bug with the wordpress backend that MCS is running on. Somehow people were able to overwrite previously uploaded images, which could have gotten ugly. I needed a reason to update everything around here, but was putting it off for fear of breaking something, which is exactly what happened over the weekend.

As some of you have noticed and asked about the the submissions pages is completely dead right now, so I’ll be working on it all night tonight. If anyone around these parts knows of a good wordpress dev, drop me a line, I have a couple plugin / coding requests.

Also, those of you on the RSS feed, another reason I was putting off on updating is the new version of wordpress forces you to visit the site if you want to see behind the “more” cut that’s on all NSFW posts. I guess it’ll bring more traffic to the site, but it pisses me off that there’s no option to just let people stay in their preferred environment.

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    I had a little fun, :p