Incredible Hulk Vs Iron Man


Quick fight, right?

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    Quick fight? Only if Hulk has learned how to use a can opener.


    They have not yet invented a unit of measurement to express how wrong you are. Hulk hands down.


    Last time I checked, Iron was not an easy metal to bend.


    Considering that the Hulk rips turrets off of M1 tanks, the hardest part of killing Iron Man is catching him. From then on it’s just squeezing until he pops like a fleshy balloon.

    tiki god

    a delicious alcoholic balloon!


    I’m not saying Hulk would not win. I’m just saying it’s not likely to be a QUICK fight. Don’t underestimate the agility of the armor and the power of the repulsors. Sure, Stark would lose, but it wouldn’t be quick OR pretty.


    Oh, mah bad.

    I agree with you then. Iron man didn’t get where he is by playing nice, fighting fair, or attacking head on like an idiot.

    Hulk is just an unstoppable force and he will win, eventually, because the writers will it and the sales are too important to lose.

    Follow the money.


    Hulk is just a man with muscles…how is that comparable to iron?

    Iron man ftw here guys, think about it.


    Depends on if it’s Ultimate Iron Man with the Iron Man 7 armor (or is it 6?). When you’re a giant laser satellite, you might have a chance.


    Ooh a big scary bi-polar guy (and it’s a coincidence that the guy who played the Hulk was kinda retarded) with muscles, vs a guy with a fuckin iron suit.

    Think about it.

    All iron man has to say is “mommy never loved you” and shit and he’ll be crying his eyes out.

    tiki god

    Or,he gets angry, and the guy in an iron suit will become soup in an iron suit


    it’s like you or me trying to crush a soda can while it’s full…it’s not going to be easy

    tiki god

    Meh, the dude held together tectonic plates. I think he can take on one robot man.


    Bull shit all Ironman has to do is say nice things like “You know I think you’re a pretty cool dude” or “you know that girl you like she told me she likes you you should hook up” or “you are a really valuable employee and we really hope you stay with us a long time” and like he’d become all pussy again.

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