Half Life 2 Wallpaper


I’m thinking about getting The Orange Box.  Whattya think mcs?

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    FUCKIN DO IT! It has brought me nothing but pure joy. Any intense eye-strain.


    Sounds like it made happy in your eye. >.


    Buy it. Buy it now!


    The Orange Box gave me a purpose in life.
    The Orange Box welcomed me and treated me like family.
    The Orange Box invited me into a warm place where I always feel at home. 😀

    Gordon Freeman, won’t you be my friend today? YEAH!


    After playing Portal for about a half-hour, I just bought the Orange Box for myself. $130 worth of games I don’t have for $50 sounds like a good deal to me. Even if I had Half-Life 2, I would get it.


    Portal FTW! This game isn’t worth $20 but to get it bundled with the HL2 games made me pee myself a little.

    Alec Dalek

    Do it. DO IT. DOOOO IIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jesus Christ

    Do it, faggot.


    DOOO ITTT!!!!!!!! every tie i think about, watch a trailer for, am reminded of, or play portal i need to change my pants!!!


    I got it yesterday and portal and team fortress 2 are worth the price alone. plus you get half life 2 and episode one and 2. all in all it is the best gaming deal in some time.


    I think you can give someone else HL2 and EP1 so it’s definitely worth it.

    But try them before you buy them.


    What’s the Orange Box?


    It’s a box that’s orange. Obviously…


    I’ve heard that Portal and TF2 make the box worth it. We haven’t gotten it yet, but I’d love to try Portal.


    I’ve also heard that Portal is one of the best aspects. I think we’re getting the Orange Box today.


    Portal looks great but you have to get it when it comes out to really get the experience, sadly, as I don’t buy things when they first come out due to lack of nationwide consumer product testing, also known as “buying things when they come out”

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