Glow Sticks


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    I’m guessing the internet has just run out of goodies…. This is lame.


    Unless you’re a raver….or a cave diver.


    ravers…does those still exist?


    Eins……Der Technoviking!!!

    Don’t be silly….there’s at least one, The Technoviking!!! Silly wienerschnitzelkopf!


    teeheehee Der Technoviking. Sailing around, pillaging other peoples hallucinogens. I heard that Der Technoviking was a weißwurstkopf…


    Meaning Dickhead?


    That’s funny…..even that guy was big…I think his abs were/are implants. they never moved through out his fits of flailing arms and bouncing feet. Funny shit.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    7 comments? Wow someone must have said something funny!

    ….awwww nope.

    7 comments. 6 from the guy who seems to like to cry all the time.

    I feel so mislead. There should be two tabs there: click here to view comments and click here to view egnilk66’s comments.


    I actually just try to take up so much space that you won’t want to post. But…just like always, you feel the need to try to kick it with the cool kids, so…here you are. Shoe fly….don’t bother me.


    Do ravers still exist? You kidding me? Where the fuck do you live?

    I’m just getting into it (not the popping E part, but the glow sticks and hand movement part)

    Check out “I’m raving I’m raving” by the ratpack and scooter (each artist does their own version, it’s a remix of “walking in Memphis”.


    Oh, btw, ravers use LED flash lights now.


    Whoa dude, Scooter? Are you serious?

    Dont wanna be a dick here, but Scooter has to be one of *the* worst artists in existence.


    All I know is I like the song “I’m raving I’m raving” by scooter. That’s THE ONLY song I have heard from him.


    Yet again, Magnus has nothing to add to any conversations, but yet, he enjoys his own font so much, he’ll want to see it as much as possible..

    Anyway, I’m probably the only one who thinks of Halloween when they see glowsticks. We always used to take glowsticks around when we trick or treated as kids, because back then, we thought a tiny little glowing thing will keep us safe.


    They DO keep you safe.

    Tweakers are afraid of the light.


    Yea, if we got hit by a car, they would think they hit a firefly…


    Well wtf do you expect to happen when you dress a bunch of kids up like monsters and send them out at night wandering the streets?

    Some soldier of fortune on acid is gonna think zombies took over and skull fuck the town.


    here ravers don’t use leds they use flame 🙂 its all fun and games until the flaming tennis ball burns the rope its attached to and hits somebody in the face…dumb asses. isn’t scooter like european or something? HYPER HYPER!


    Dude, flaming raving is a great idea!

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