Lex Luthor


Did someone say cakes?

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    40 Cakes. And thats terrible.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    When did Lex Luthor become a negro?


    Ok. the 40 cakes thing is weird. why is he so silly in this picture?


    The great LAX LOOSE ASS


    Hepathos: excellent obscure reference!

    Howie: He’s not black, he just tans too much you halfwit. Nice name btw, IF YOU WERE TEN!

    Namelis1: He’s excited because he finally got to see superman’s superjunk.


    I have to admit, it’s some pretty delicious cake.

    Howie Feltersnatch

    garbledxmission: Hey, complain to my folks. You think it’s easy going through life with this name? Bob Feltersnatch or Joe Feltersnatch wouldn’t work; they had to go with Howie?

    And if that’s supposed to be a tanned white guy, that’s some pretty poor artistic skills. Looks like a bruthah to me.


    Ok, that WAS funny and clever there Howie. Nice return. You’re lucky, they could have named you Micheal Hunt or Richard Head. Though I suppose Iffy Feltersnatch would have been equally unfortunate….

    As for the art, what do expect from Chinese slave labour. The ink’s probably lead based. Poor Lex is going to get cancer, and he’d just gotten over kryponite poisoning in the series…

    Then again, his name IS Luthor….Mr. Luthor Vandross does come to mind and he’s as much of a “bruthah” (as you put it) as anyone is. More than most in fact…