Steam Stacks


Yummy radioactive steam!

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    Especially since the steam isn’t Radioactive!


    I literally live about 30 minutes from Three Mile Island, so we’ve got a basic understanding of a nuclear power plant works. The uranium superheats water, creating steam, which in turn moves turbines. Basically, it’s just one insanely complicated hydroelectric plant

    Webster Smogpule

    Nice dust on the sensor.


    From the window of the top floor of the science block of my College, I can see three power stations. Those big towers there are the cooling towers, they just cool the water that was heated up to make steam so it can be used again or something like that.


    Yep, we keep learning this in school(like we use it all the time right?)

    its clean burring but it has toxic byproducts.

    We should use more… but then again, the more the more likely one will explode and kill us all 🙂 yeah!


    nuclear power is clean, it creates no toxic or carcenegenic emissions


    Except the radioactive depleted Uranium the plant has to bury in a mountain out west. That’s pretty toxic and dangerous.

    tiki god

    Have they started to bury it yet? Last I heard there was some concern about placing the containment facilities over a major fault line.

    Right now all that radioactive waste is just sitting in some trailers on some backlot.


    Last I heard they put it in a very very deep water source, a few hundred feet deep, and let it sit there. I think it reduced the half life time or something similar.



    Please, can we be a little less ignorant?

    A Nuclear “Meltdown” Is a fire. the only kind of “Explosion” that occurs is if gasses get trapper in the reactor and breach the shielding. the danger of nuclear power plants lies in the possibility of the fuel catching fire, releasing highly irradiated gasses into the atmosphere.


    Hi I’m you friendly Nuclear power plant engineer. 🙂 Anyways, as far as with the storage of spent fuel… Currently Yuca Mtn. (where we were going to put it all in Nevada) is NOT in use. Last I heard the state was blocking anything spent fuel related from coming through their state borders to be stored in the US government paid for facility. As an alternative, fuel is currently stored in a spent fuel pool for around 5 yrs or more while it depletes. Then it is moved into dry cask storage where it is continually cooled by natural air… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Hi, I’m from Nevada. Yucca Mtn. is definitely in use, there are . It’s designated as a “temporary facility” but those big concrete bunkers pretty permanent.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    crap, I meant to copy in the the stats for radioactive material.
    There are 100 million gallons of waste and 2500 tons of solid materials currently at the Yucca Mountain Facility.