Killzone Villians


One of the biggest let downs ever.  How did they make the game suck so hard?

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    Well they didn’t give it much of a chance by naming it Killzone..

    tiki god

    seriously, I played about 1/2 way through it and just gave up, the control scheme on it sucks, and the graphics were subpar.


    I actually liked the game… The Helghast were what made it pretty cool.


    I read about it in some gaming magazine a while back.

    Never got to play it, but the magazine took you through every part of the map like it was the best thing ever.

    I played COD2 half way through and gave up, crappy storyline IMO. *deletes the iso of CoD2*

    tiki god

    oh man, what magazine was that? the levels on that game where insane


    Probably an old copy of pc gamer (I had a couple back in 97 or so) or a ps2 magazine – I’m leaning towards a ps2 mag though cause pc mags don’t really get into console games too much.


    Honestly I really only liked killing them with the good weapons… over all the game sucked but i couldn’t put it down until i beat it.


    It couldn’t have sucked that bad then.

    HL2 – Didn’t really enjoy it but wanted to finish it.

    CoD2 on the other hand, couldn’t bare playing anymore.


    Heyhey! CoD 2 is friggin cool, i still play it!


    I couldn’t stand the single player any longer (kept doing the same thing over and over, no vehicles)

    And I hate the multiplayer also.


    killzone 2 looks more promising…
    looks like killzone mixed with halo, should make up for what a let down killzone was