Superman Vs Spider-Man


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    Why are they fighting? They both like red, blue, women with four letters in their first name, and spandex.


    Probably a “cape / no cape” debate


    Makes sense.


    Its a newspaper thing. The Daily Planet’s trying to move in on the Daily Bugle’s turf.


    meh, wouldn’t even be a fair fight. maybe the fantastic 4 vs spider man, id watch that


    He’s beating up a kid, what an asshole.


    I like Spiderman more, so if it’s a battle of egos and box office success Spiderman wins hands down.

    But Superman is basically a god with god powers, I wouldn’t waste my time inking the panels, or wrapping my head around a feasible plot where Spiderman would stand a chance.


    Well, an actual fight would be like, Spidey swings onto Supes, then Supes punchs him and Spidey’s head explodes into a bloody mess.


    Have you read any issues where it was Batman VS Superman? Batty always wins, it seems, somehow. But I think it’s DC trying to make him more accessibly human or some bullshit like that.

    On another not, Spiderman wins because he turns Superman into a zombie. I only see Marvel Zombies now.


    Really? I don’t even see an outcome where Spidey makes it out the door.

    Sorry Spider-man fans. There is no fan base large enough to turn the tides of this one.

    Hoban Washburne

    This is the cover to an actual comic.

    And don’t try and think of a way Spider-Man can win, cause the writers couldn’t either, it’s kinda sad actually Superman just kicks his ass effortlessly and walks away like it was nothing.

    Peaches LaRue

    Hey, Spiderman can take out Firelord!


    Spiderman’s not stupid, he’d have some kriptonite on hand, or some incredibly smart plan.


    Spiderman would have to get Kryptonite from another universe. Besides I believe in the comic Lex Luthor had increased his strength to the level of Superman’s


    Superman either always wins, or losing instantly because of kryptonite. That’s why he’s such a lame character.

    It’s like asking the question:
    “Who would win in Spider-Man VS God?”


    there is no god so spidey wins! and come on superman is so lame, only kids from the fifties could like this shit, he is a goodie two shoes.