United States Military Bases


I love this country so much.

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    Something interesting and informative? on MY mcs?


    When was this made? ‘Cuz our country has one to now… I think. Maybe we plundered one night the whole base, who knows…


    Wowwee. Considering how many times I’ve heard the ‘At least we got rid of that evil dictator Sadam’ argument, you guys sure do, well, cooperate with a lot of dictators, many of whom have terrible human rights records.


    I’d like to know what qualifies as “hosting US troops”. I mean, after all, is China on the list because of that one time they rammed our EP-3 and it had to do an emergency landing on Hainan island?


    Even if it is accurate, it’s outdated. Since 2005 the base in Vieques, Puerto Rico has been closed down due to endless protests by locals and the governor.


    This appears to be updated in some spots but not others. Iraq looks up to date, but the US has been out of Clark and Subic in the Philippines since the early 1990s. There are currently advisors there helping the army against the separatists in the southern islands, but the major bases were closed over a decade ago.


    Get out of my country is all I can say!!


    You have a country benny? COOL! What is your title? Evil Overlord? Supreme Ruler and Dictator for Life?
    Can I be a Governor and have my own castle?


    Ah, I need reading glasses.

    The number of bases is supposed to be near 750, so they probably ran out of dots.


    Oh, and I bet the troops stationed in China are the ones at the embassies and consulates. They keep small garrisons of Marines, I think.


    When did this happen?


    My bad, iddqd, there are actually three bases (one inactive) in the Puerto Rico area, I mistook them all as active.


    Yakima is not in Western Washington.

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