Odds of dying

I want to be shot by a jealous husband when I’m 98 years old.


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    “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”

    — I am Jack’s nerdy quote


    we’re all gonna die!!!


    And while “lightning” has a small probability, it’s still a distinctly different probability for men and women. Because men play more golf.


    What’s interesting to me is how many of the chance factors are at least partially controllable. Legal execution, for instance, or suicide, are pretty unlikely for most; and heart disease is in many cases essentially elective.


    There are a lot of living people out there. How can you prove that it is a 100% probability of dying?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    There must be a lot left out. Adding together all of those fractions doesn’t even get to 1/2.

    this girl

    this site used to be so funny….gyah!


    I think it’s still pretty funny. If you think it’s not so funny anymore why don’t you, and this is only a thought, make it funnier? It’s only a user driven website, post something and make it funny or find a new site and quit whining.


    reboot: The missing percentage is made up for in the 100% certainty terminus.

    Though I’m sure you’re right that a lot of statistically insignificant or otherwise dull causes of death (such as being mauled by a polar bear, or succumbing to the flu) got left out.

    Mindless101: The burden of proof is actually on you to prove there is less than a 100% certainty of dying.


    warren says: What’s interesting to me is how many of the chance factors are at least partially controllable. Legal execution, for instance…

    Eliminating legal execution will only increase the probability of being killed in another area, such as homicide.

    How about using your brain for once you fucking twigwit?


    what about aids, huh freddy mercury died of aids, and he was just a poor boy with no family, just wanted his life to be spared from this monstrosity.
    i swear, aids is the number 1 homo man sex death causer.


    Not really, Iddq. Violent crime rates are generally much higher in countries with the death penalty, Japan being the only exception to the rule, I believe.


    Caio, sauce? It has been proven statistically that the death penalty lowers the crime rate.

    Think about it, if you’re some person who wants to kill another person for whatever reason. Being put to death by the state is a more effective deterrant than getting free food and shelter for the rest of your life.


    Hrm? Study after study has shown the opposite to be the case, except in Japan and India home.earthlink.net/~dave_eriqat/DE_Death_Penalty_Statistics.html www.web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGAFR440332004?open&of=ENG-2AM Do some googling, you’ll find almost no statistics which support the death penalty. Typically, more intelligent conservatives, which you are not, will argue that places with the death penalty traditionally have more crime to begin with, and the statistics are deceptive. Think about it this way. If you convince a populous that might makes right, and that there is no ethical standard but the use of force, people will believe it and thus resort to violence. On the other hand, if… Read more »

    this girl

    It was a joke, Silver…and a bad one maybe, cuz I was drunk typing and hardly ever post.

    Anyway…I was almost taken following that post by Accidental Electrocution, when I spilled my beer all over my bare feet as I picked up my plugged-in laptop. 🙂


    Caio: Yeah, because some Earthlink page is a good reliable source of information. Not to mention, citing Amnesty International as a source (which is an organization that opposes the death penalty) is going to give an unbiased report on the death penalty. I already did my Googling, but you know what, my argument is enough to prove my point. So until you say my argument is either invalid or unsound, I stand corrected. – A person wants to commit homicide. – If the deterrant is high enough, he will not commit homicide. – Being put to death by the state… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    iddqd: Caio at least provided some links to statistics, you should do the same if you don’t want to sound like a raving lunatic. Also you’re “criminal logic” is laughable. There are two times of murder cases: 1)”Crime of Passion” The murderer is emotionally overwhelmed and acts without regard to consequences, therefore deterrents are irrelevant. 2)”Premeditated” The murdered has planned out the crime to such a degree that he does not believe that he is likely to be caught. Why worry about the sentence if you don’t think that you are going to get caught? Here are some unbiased statistics… Read more »


    First of all, the reason why there is a low crime rate now is mainly due to abortion. There will be some stupid right-wing and left-wing sites that will dispute otherwise, but I stand for the truth. www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=abortion+reduces+crime&sourceid=opera&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Secondly, you have the problem of causation and effect. High crime rate in a state will usually have the death penalty. Now, did the death penalty cause the high crime rate, or did the high crime rate cause the death penalty being reinstated? Well…time to use your common sense. Thirdly, with your petty argument, let’s go ahead and do away with the… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Point 1a: I’ve read “Freakonomics”, but the argument that abortion causes lower crime rates is far, far from being universally accepted. At least read your own links before acting like you know everything. Point 1b: You’re changing the topic, you’ve abandoned your original argument that “death penalty cause lower crime rates” and tried to argue for another cause for lower crime rates and provided links to support the new thesis rather than the original. Essentially you’ve conceded your original weak argument. Game. Set. Match. Point 2: Everyone knows cause and effect are difficult to determine. You ought to begin by… Read more »


    Iddq, I think it’s hilarious it took you so few post to copy the pro-death penalty argument that I offered. I also find it funny that your version went so far beyond your vocabulary that it’s quite likely copy and pasted. There’s no such thing as an unbias statistic, and there are good arguments for the death penalty. It’s a very contentions issue because, frankly, both options are bad and none of the data makes sense. Whatever North American and European statistics might tell us, India and Japan give us the exact opposite result. It’s quite likely that violent crime… Read more »



    I hope someday a murderer will kill your entire family. I bet you can’t wait to pay for his entitlement to free food and shelter for the rest of his life with your hard-earned tax dollars.

    GTFOff this planet.


    iddqd i agree entireley.
    i respect your boldness, have a medal.


    In an attempt to steer the conversation away from gun control, does anyone know where this image comes from?


    The internet, motherfucker.