How to speak english

Learn the important words and phrases first.

Fuck Basic

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    That is an important sentence in the world of Hentai. “Come over to my house and fuck my sister!”


    Ah, that’s the Maritan hearing CD. It teaches english with phraises from Full Metal Jacket. It has a voiceover CD to! It’s fucking awesome.


    That’s PERFECT! Teach them the language from Full Metal Jacket…. They probably should use the language from The Bridges of Madison County or Sand Lot…. Funny shit.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That a good word start learning in English since Americans say “Fuck” the way that old telegrams used to say STOP.



    Americans say “Fuck” the way that old telegrams used to say STOP.

    Yeah, but the sentence “Come over to my house and stop my sister” doesn’t make any damn sense.


    unless your sister is trying to fuck you…then it makes perfect sense.


    The best part is how that crying kid really doesn’t want to fuck her sister.

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