Lady from Devil May Cry 4


I’m still not a fan of the game series, but wow.

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    there is no wow for animated characters


    None, really.

    tiki god

    I thought the wow as at the gun. I mean, seriously, that shit is as tall as she is, so either she’s 3 foot 2 inches, or she’s carrying around a gun large enough to serve as a pole vaulter’s tool.


    Is that a knife on the end there? like a bayonet? Could she even lift that piece of hardware??


    It’s videogame cliche.

    Women in videogames automatically dress like whores, wear armor that offer no protection to vital bodyparts, and carry weapons not even full grown centaurs could handle correctly.

    She probably pulls an Aeris. Joins your party for two hours, gets killed easily by main antagonist. Sweet.


    So is there like nobody that plays devil may cry?


    I played the first one for a few hours and got bored. The second one was too hard, and heard the third was harder and I just said fuck it lol

    t. durden

    I liked the series, good to kill time when you really just want to kill A LOT of things. 3rd one wasnt that “hard”, just couldnt button mash like most people want to.
    4th one should be fun, with the ability to switch styles mid-fight, even more hardness to the madness.