Gay Military


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    Recently there has been a distinct lack of funny pics here. I know there are pics that are “look at that, Haw haw.” funny, but I mean rolling on the ground holding my sides funny. None of that.


    I agree. I am more interested, now, in the clever comments that some of you too-smart-for-your-own-good fucks leave than in most of the pictures.

    But…BUT…..I like the see through dress one and hope to see 94 more like it.


    I’ll post some stuff…hopefully they’ll get approved (my last massive batch didn’t).


    C’mon dude, there’s a perfectly good chick like six or seven people down the line, grab her ass please. Silly Brits.



    I’ve had plenty that I thought were good get denied. Tiki should post some criteria or something. At this point just the ones that he “likes” get approved but we don’t really know what he likes, other than fake girls and The Joker. 😉


    Fucking Democrats.

    The day they legalize gay sex in the military is the day the U.S. will crumble.

    Thank God those are the Canadian army though.


    and look how canada is crumbling. gee whiz.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I’m in Canada.

    I had no idea we had a military.

    I guess they can gay out though.

    Spartans gayed off so hard in little boy asshole they’d make Michael Jackson puke and they were the toughest fuckers ever. Ya those 300 dudes. They rimmed pre pubescent boys and then corked their a holes.

    Just sayin. The whole gay = sissy thing is kinda dumb. If you fought a gay guy you might beat him up but he’d win cause he’d get you with his AIDS.

    That was wrong. Tiki told me to write that.