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    Yeah. What he said!


    Wait, did it just insulted me?

    t. durden

    If you think it did, it probably did hep. And if it did, than you deserved it.


    Just because Arial Black is a font in your computer doesn’t mean you should use it. Damned near annoying as Comic Sans.


    The last part of this image was obviously inserted by someone who doesn’t understand the rest of it.


    I agree to some extent. I don’t know what to think of this. I’m not disagreeing yet I still have my faith. Maybe it’s the fact I have respect for everyones beliefs. Or perhaps the fact that Agnostic people can be more sensibly than Christians and Atheists alike.


    I’d like to note that atheism isn’t a definitive answer to the meaning of the universe, rather it is a position that metaphysical religion does not contain the answer. If I dismiss the notion that Santa Claus brings me presents on Christmas, it doesn’t mean I have the answer to who does, simply that through reduction a fat man flying at warp speed in a sleigh is not the answer. (I know the answer, this is just an example… it’s lawn gnomes, right?) Science doesn’t claim answers, simply the best possibly current explanation given what we can currently disprove. Unfortunately,… Read more »

    The Lawnmower

    Agnostics can be religious (most likely for social reasons or they like the moral doctrine of the religion), or they can be non-religious. This applies to atheists as well, but they won’t call themselves atheists because of the stigma attached to the word. Atheism means you don’t hold a belief in god(s). A person who thinks ‘I don’t know whether or not God exists’ is an atheist (an uncertain atheist, but an atheist). Agnosticism is belief about knowledge. Atheism is a lack of a belief. Agnostics are atheists by definition, but some religious agnostics might argue that it’s impossible to… Read more »


    I guess I don’t have a religion then.