They got alot in common

They got alot in common

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    You could make nearly the same comparison with Clinton or Reagan or William McKinley or every other world leader in the last 300 years.
    Those who don’t study history are condemned to make really stupid comparisons.


    Also, Osama took the blame, Bush didn’t blame Saddam.


    I suppose that could be somewhat true, reboot. But did any of those other leaders’ grandfathers violate the Trading With The Enemy Act and help fund the Nazis? See, Dubya is more closely tied to Hitler than you might think.


    Whoah, bigtime Godwin on that comparison; and worse, it’s not even accurate. Much as I hate BushCheneyRummyCo, there simply is no evidence whatsoever to support the insane suggestion that they “Attack[ed] the World Trade Center”.


    Hitler used the OSS to spy on citizens? Wasn’t the OSS the Office of Strategic Services, which was the precursor to the CIA or NSA or something?

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    M-3: Did the Reagan administration trade with the enemy? Have you heard of Iran-Contra? Do you know where Saddam got his weapons?
    Bush’s grandpa, Prescott Bush, wasn’t the only one who traded with Hitler. So did Henry Ford and the good people at IBM. We don’t think about it now, but there was a lot of support for Fascism in America before Pearl Harbor.
    PS. If you drive a Ford, your riding with Hitler!


    While Iran is a great example, Saddam wasn’t our enemy at the time we gave him weapons. And I don’t think mentioning the corporations that traded with Hitler is relevant since neither Ford nor Tom Watson ever ran this country. And the support for fascism is still strong in this country; Appropriately enough it shows as red on maps around election time.


    thats awesome how #7 (for Bush) is completely incorrect *and* spelled wrong.


    I believe that Clinton knew about the “chatter” as well, you know the shit, the reason why bush should have known about the trade center, I mean during Clinton’s presidency the trade centers garage was bombed…


    Yeah, a lot of the comparisons are a stretch. However, it is true that to take control of a country you simply state that said country is under attack, claim dissidents hate your country, then enact any law that you claim will help you fight those enemies. The sad part is that this happens time and time again, in every country in the world (we’re far from being the worst in this category) and even though it’s currently happening it wouldn’t surprise me if everyone conveniently forgot in another good period of our country and this crap happened all over… Read more »


    [lays down the LAW]

    Yer all fags for arguing over the internet.



    Chi-Com propaganda. Nothing more. Good one Panda power.


    :”And the support for fascism is still strong in this country; Appropriately enough it shows as red on maps around election time.”
    Woah! Way to call half the country Fascists. You wouldn’t be judging people by where they live would you? Or worse by their political views? Do you suggest separating these “red staters” and putting them all in a “camp” since we know they are ALL wrong? c’mon, listen to yourself. You sound like the very thing you complain of.


    Man, the ‘I hate Bush’ bandwagon is old and busted anymore thanks to Moron’s and their displays like this. Honestly, why waste time creating shit like this? Why doesn’t someone compare Bush to like Genghis Khan or Jeffrey Dahmer?


    don’t see it, hitler was an emo fag and bush is just really really stupid.


    Warren wins this thread.

    Just to add, ‘fascism’ should be added to the Godwin’s Law thing. Especially because I believe Hitler and the Japanese didn’t actually use that word, even though historians seem to freely apply it to both those governments. It pretty much doesn’t have any meaning anymore.

    Ahh what the hell. omfg hitler breathed air an so does bush HISTORY REPEETS ITSELF!!


    Caio, if you’re not joking, you’re the biggest idiot on the internet. How you could know what Godwin’s Law means and not know what fascism is seems impossible. Considering that even in the dictionary it says “Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach.”, Why in the hell would anyone describe their own government in that way? But I suppose that considering the fact that I’ve had to quote the dictionary of all things in this… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    I prefer the Mussolini’s definition of fascism: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”
    It give some insight as to why US industrialists were so willing to support Germany and why we are currently leaning towards fascism again.


    id poop on both of them


    M-3: reboot got it. Mussolini’s definition is succinct and apt, and probably of more merit for its historical context than a dictionary’s definition. If Hitler had simply been a dictator his Nazi vision would have been called a dictatorship; the deliberate combination of corporate control of government with political dominance was its own new brand of totalitarianism, remarkably similar to state-centric communism but with a decidedly bloodier trend toward monied interests (I.G. Farben and their exploitation of Jewish slave labor comes immediately to mind). In that light it might not be wholly out of line to draw comparisons to Bush… Read more »


    Lessee: US was attacked by Saudis, who were protected by Afghanis, and decided Iraq was a bigger threat. Also, the US was attacked by Japan, had an Austrian declare war on them, and as a result declared, “Germany First.”

    The parallels are everywhere!