1984 was not an instruction manual


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    Things Liberals like to do: Complain Have abortions. Burn Bibles and Talmuds, but not Qu’rans because liberals think Islam is “beautiful” and “peaceful” since it is not apart of Western civilization and is therefore “exotic” to them (even though Islam is the complete antithesis of liberalism). Take it in the ass Complain Patronize minorities from the comfort of their white gated-off suburban neighborhoods. End all of their anti-conservative smears with a question mark, a clever political slogan or “oh wait.” Listen to Conservative talk radio. There is no liberal talk radio, so liberals listen to Bill O’Reilly, then call him… Read more »


    Complain — We point out problems, instead of IGNORING THEM Have abortions.—- We give people the right to choose, NOT THE STATE Burn Bibles and Talmuds, but not Qu’rans because liberals think Islam is “beautiful” and “peaceful” since it is not apart of Western civilization and is therefore “exotic” to them (even though Islam is the complete antithesis of liberalism).—– We can’t believe the hypocrisy of people who are supposed to ‘love thy neighbor’ but then hate a whole religious group or race because they’re different Take it in the ass — to childish is reply to Complain – ahhhh….… Read more »


    Oh, and I’ve never seen the birdcage…


    iddqd, Is that post just a really stupid joke/troll or are you honestly dumb as all fuck? I mean you can’t honestly express yourself in that way and not be inconceivably stupid.



    and your opinions dont count, you are/were canadian….


    I will agree with 90% of that

    *golf clap*


    What about a republican turning out to be a fag every other week? real good family values, ok….


    how about the democrats are messed up and blaming the republicans, while the republicans are busy blaming the democrats while neither has a real solution?

    “it is easy to point out the wrong way but hard to point the right one”


    Thanks to nnmnu, here are more things that liberals like to do:

    – Complain
    – Post long-winded rants that turn into flame wars
    – Have unprotected underage sex.
    – Complain
    Laugh at conservatives who turn out to be pedophilic sick fucks while at the same time trying to legalize baby fucking.
    – Call everyone “racist” and/or “Nazi”
    – Watch pr0n
    – Complain
    – Accuse institutions and countries they disagree with of apartheid and fascism while not knowing what the term means.
    – Complain
    – Take it in the ass a few more times, while complaining.


    javboy is right, and who the fuck is trying to legalize baby fucking? Or is that just a secret fantasy of yours?


    Damn… Can’t you people get over it? I hate Republicans and I hate Democrats, as most should, though I’m against anarchy, so as far as both parties are concerned I’m alright. I don’t really know what your parents were on when you were brought up, but I know for a fact, that the government likes to force us to take it up the ass ALOT, but they do somethings right. Right? Maybe… So, instead of this entire sight just becoming a fucking message board about politics and just the same as CNN, MSBNC, and FoxNews, all mashed together as some… Read more »

    Jesus Christ


    For every baby you save, I plan to get three abortions! Who’s with me? :3


    get three and the fourth is free!

    Jesus Christ

    Do we get one of those punch cards? Oh, oh. Let’s make it funny. Make it a punch card with little baby symbols on them and use the hole punch on the head. 😀



    Jesus Christ


    Fetus pr0n anyone? ‘Cause you know, we’re deviant liberals that sit around and listen Bill O’Reily. Disagree with everything he says can be so tiring. What about global warming? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. NAO.


    LOL fags


    I believe we are experiencing a “quantum thread” ware the topic goes in 2 opposite directions simultaneously.


    epic win

    Jesus Christ

    “LOL fags” has to be the greatest comeback ever on the internet, amirite?


    Quantum win?


    now throw up some gang signs for the win, democrats represent yo yo yo!


    Firstly, liberal != democrat.

    Secondly, I point you all here.


    There’s Liberal talk radio. Except instead of actual politically knowledgeable people, that channel (name escapes me) just gets celebrities who are vaguely associated with politics. Last time I was in the States it was Al Franken, Jeanenne Garofalo (sp?) and Chuck D. Franken was as loud-mouthed as Rush, but worse because he thinks he’s funny. And fuck he’s not even in the range of funny. Garofalo is the personification of a fifteen-year dead trend, and Chuck D, ditto, and he’s nothing without Flava Flav. Honestly, listening to it gave me a huge amount of nostalgia for the late-70s and early-90s.… Read more »


    Oh yeah, and Iddq’s baby-raping comment reminded me of why you americans only have two parties. And mikki’s link makes me think Paul’s Sisyphus comment the other day was right.


    I’m a conservative and I like to rape babies too.
    Maybe conservatives and liberals aren’t so different afterall?


    I’m not sure that I understand the comment from iddqd that started all of this. I mean, this isn’t a quote from 1984. And are we supposed to enjoy being spied on and having our rights eroded? But maybe he also booed the headline this morning that said the domestic spy satellites are being held up because of privacy concerns. Yup, those ‘crazy’ ‘liberals’ want their privacy in (of all places) the land of the free. Wow, they must be pretty ‘liberal’ wanting to hang onto their freedom, especially when the definition of CONSERVATIVE is: “holding to traditional attitudes and… Read more »


    Basic conservatism is an admirable position, as is basic liberalism. It’s when you get into the “Let’s nuke everybody that listens to the Dixie Chicks” or the “Bush planned 9-11” shit that people turn into retards.

    iddqd… for every baby-fucker that votes democrat there’s a bunch of southern baptist Republicans who think that God made AIDS to kill fags.


    Damn, completely ignored.


    Thanks to natakamus, here are more things that liberals/Democrats like to do: – Complain – Continue the rebellious period in their teen years where most people say “FUCK YOU” to their parents then grow out of it. Liberals still hate daddy for spanking them after catching them in the closet jacking off on the cat’s fur, and associate God, Republicans, Police and Military figures (U.S. Military, they would rub any invading country’s soldier’s balls while they raped them in the ass) basically anyone with authority because they remind them of their daddy. The only adult figures who are accepted by… Read more »


    “javboy is right, and who the fuck is trying to legalize baby fucking? Or is that just a secret fantasy of yours? ”



    Is it bad that I like 1984 because the government wins in the end?


    That was a pretty epic troll considering Diabeetus just copied and pasted that from Encyclopedia Dramatica.


    Who has made this picture? I want to spread it on my t-shirts!!

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